Handa ka Funda GK course Review

I first noticed the site Handa ka Funda (HKF) when its founder Mr. Ravi Handa was answering questions on Quora on CAT and the depth with which his answers instilled an image of him in me that this guy knows his stuff.

This year, I am also going to appear for CAT and because of that, I signed for the GK course on HKF.This is its review.

The course, starts with a video on ” How to prepare for GK in 60 minutes” which is delivered by Ravi sir himself. The name is pretty self explanatory and the video also has a Q&A session which answers many doubts aspirants have regarding GK.

Then there are the Factopedia videos, which is easily the trump card of the GK course. Right now, as in 2017, the biggest issues are the Rohingya crisis, Bitcoin price surge, Demonetization, etc., and all of these issues have been taken care of in Factopedia by Ravi sir. There are other videos on Finance bill, Indian stock market, crisis in Northeast India, etc.

Factopedia mainly revolves around the current affairs topics, and apart from GK in SNAP/IIFT, they are also very important for GD/WAT in the selection procedure. They are presented in video format which makes it pretty interesting to see and if you dread reading the newspaper everyday, this might be the cure.

Then, there is this “World this month” series which are essentially PPT’s of 5-7 slides which encapsulates all the major happenings in India and around the world and the ones which will be important in the GK section of the exams.

There are two Factopedia sections, one for banking and Economics which focuses on explaining all the Banking terminology and how it functions. The other one focusing on SNAP specific GK as in deaths, Bollywood, etc.

There are also PPT’s for static GK, which covers all the important aspects like Rivers and borders, Major dams, countries and capitals, judiciary and committees, etc.

One important thing that I liked about the GK course was that they even explained the Union budget, Economic survey and Foreign policies in a very easy and understandable way. These topics are very important with respect to B-school selection process but are overlooked by aspirants because of the complexity.

If you are a curious soul and have been in the know how of India, reading newspapers regularly in the last 1-2 years, you might not need the course. But if not, then this course will provide you all the important aspects of IIFT and SNAP GK in a very easily graspable format with videos and live presentations.

Link to the GK course here