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We’d love to publish your guest post on our blog. Reviewing the benefits, Whokies is one of the fastest growing blog on the planet. The benefits are just much more then getting traffic or backlinks, you can gain exposure and introduce your blog to our fastest growing community.
   Some simple Requirements

1.) Posts should be at least 450+ words.

2.) Interacting and replying to comments on your published articles is must.

3.) Posts should have a basic structure and are at least broken down into paragraphs.

4.) Posts must be in good English.
5.) The post you submit to us should and must be unique.

What type of posts do we accept?
Generally we accept posts on: Creative Writing,Some reviews,Interesting List posts,How-to tutorials,Articles related to Politics,on India,Bollywood and Hollywood,etc.Telling you again, always submit something unique so that readers like and you stand out in the crowd. Do check our blog for examples of posts, and please don’t send the same type of posts we have over here…We Allow 2 do-follow links in the author bio and 1 no-follow links from the article part.
How much time we take to publish a submitted guest article?
First of all,as you submit your post,you will get a confirmation mail that your post has been submitted,in 1 day.Then,we will review your guest post.If it looks good and matches the above criteria,then we will publish your post on our blog.
What we can do with your article?
1. We may edit your post to correct sentences, spellings and words. 
2. We may edit the title ,so that it looks good and not spammy
3. We may add some images or videos if necessary.
How to guest post to Whokies?
1.)Add your Full name, second name and fill out a short profile Bio info, feel free to add a link or two to your blog/site (use HTML).
2.) Images for your profile is not necessary,but if possible include it.
3.)Write your post,mail it to ,and add Subject line as “Guest Article for Whokies”  and it will be reviewed and published asap!!

What you need to do after your post gets published?

1. You need to promote it in social sites to get more likes and comments.

2. You need to reply to comments, help readers and solve their problems.

After your Article gets published..
You cannot publish this article anywhere else,and if you publish or submit it to any renowned magazine or newspaper,you must mention the Source to Whokies

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