Best Windows 8 Devices till date

With around 250 windows 8 devices launched ,here’s a look at the best of them…

1.) Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has launched its Surface tablet just like any apple product.Because,both the software and the hardware are manufactured by Microsoft.Due to this there is no problem of integration for the in-house apps,because the hardware is designed to run the apps and the programs buttery smooth.

It boasts a 10.6 inch screen,giving a tough competition to ipad and Nexus 10.The look is fresh and with the added VaporMg coating,it becomes three times lighter than aluminum.

Microsoft Surface review

The snatch factor of surface is its Cover and Kickstand. Touch Cover is a pressure-sensitive keyboard and cover.Type Cover, the dual cover and mechanical keyboard that offers a classic typing experience.Of course, the rear kickstand is an iconic part of Surface. It’s also made of metal, and does a good job of propping up your tablet – to an angle of 22 degrees – even when on your lap.

2.) Nokia Lumia 920

In Short,Nokia Lumia 920 is a very pretty, shiny phone with a very pretty, shiny operating system that’s got just a few flaws–but they’re not small flaws.

Nokia Lumia 920 Wireless chargingThe third generation of Lumia phone, the 920 has a big 4.5-inch screen, 4G LTE speeds, a very fancy 8.7-megapixel camera with floating lens technology, and fancy new ideas like wireless charging and near-field communication.

3.) HP Envy X2

The tablet measures about 8.5mm thick and weighs 1.5 pounds, while the dock weighs 1.6. Unlike competing products, the device combines magnets and a mechanical latch to keep the tablet from falling out of its dock.

The $904 HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook 4 is a good-looking notebook that serves up plenty of power with a blazing fast boot time, good audio, and a fairly responsive touch-screen display. Using the screen to navigate Windows 8 worked well, as did the touchpad. However, this system loses points for its below-average battery life. And, you have to take a leap of faith that a lot more Windows 8 apps will make it to the marketplace. But if you’re willing to make those concessions, the HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook 4 is an above-average Windows 8 notebook.

4.) Dell XPS 12

Dell XPS 12 review

Though the XPS 12’s size and weight make it a bit unwieldy as a substitute tablet, it’s still a compelling option if you’re in the market for a high-end, touch-enabled Ultrabook. The XPS 12 is almost as light as other Ultrabooks, with a premium industrial design, comfortable keyboard, gorgeous 1080p screen and a super-fast boot-up time. The biggest drawbacks seem to be the flaky trackpad and the relatively short battery life, which doesn’t improve much when you dim that 400-nit display.
It’ll be curious to see how other touchscreen Ultrabooks fare, particularly those with similarly versatile designs. In the meantime, though, the XPS 12 represents a solid start for this new wave of Windows 8 shape-shifters.

TOP 5 Free Tools and websites to improve your blog

Getting visitors to a blog is a skill that is far different from quality writing and this makes it mandatory for bloggers to understand technical aspects to some extent.Blogger generally do not have all this great time to learn the know how of the technology that runs the web but they should not worry because the web has many resources that make things simple for them. This is great, is not it ? This is further great when you understand that such resources are for free. I am sharing few services that are free and can help you a lot to make your blog better.

Free and easy to use tools that help you make your blog better
Image source and license : Some rights reserved by Beantin webbkommunikation

GT Metrix

GT Metrix is a web based service that is extremely useful to test the speed of your blog or a website and its pages. Simply enter your URL and you will get a detailed report on how you pages performing. You will also be offers tips for improvements. is a url shortner from google and is very useful for posting your links on social media platforms like twitter and facebook.


WooRank is a very useful web based automated service that is useful too. This service is partially free but provides all the features that an individual blogger needs for free. This service evaluates many aspects of your blog or websites and offers you comprehensive report including tips for improvements.

IWeb Tool

Iweb tool is a web based service that offers a set of very useful services to research the technical aspects of a webpage and also other extremely useful tiny tools.

Build professional looking emails with this free tool and attract your visitors


No Old blogger Interface Option? Get it 

How to use Free SMS feature of Gmail

Gmail introduced its free message service feature in india.Gmail has now started rolling out Free SMS feature from Gmail for users in India. One can send SMSs from chat window to mobile phone.

gmail free sms2

  • Use Gmail Chat to send SMS
  • Responses will appear as a reply in Chat 
  • Conversations will be stored in your Chat history, just like regular chats.

Step 1: Type the phone number you want to send an SMS to and click Send SMS

Step 2: Add the SMS recipient’s name and country, then click Save

Step 3: Write in your message in the chat window and press Enter on your keyboard

Done! Your message has been sent.

The service starts with 50 SMS credits for each user.SMS credit is an allocation of SMS (text messages) that you’re able to send to a mobile phone:
Initially, you’re granted a credit of fifty messages.
Every time you send a message, your credit decreases by one.
Every time you receive an SMS message in Chat (for example when a phone user replies to one of your messages) your credit increases by five, up to a maximum of 50.

If your SMS credit goes down to zero at any point, it will increase back up to one 24 hours later. So, you won’t ever be locked out of the system.

Keep in mind that if you’d like a higher message credit, you can always send an SMS to your own phone, and then reply to that message multiple times. Every time you send a reply message, your SMS credit is increased by five. Effectively, you’re buying more messages by paying your phone company for these outgoing messages.

Block SMS from Gmail

If you receive an unwanted SMS message from Gmail Chat, you can block future messages from the sender. Just reply to the message with the word ‘BLOCK’. If you change your mind about that sender, you can send a message with the phrase ‘UNBLOCK’ to the phone number from which the message was sent (the SMS messages sent from Gmail Chat have their own number associated with the sender’s email account).

All mobile operators are supported in India for SMS Chat in Gmail.

UPDATE: Tried sending SMS via Gmail to mobiles on Airtel ,BSNL service providers but getting error & SMS credit too shown at that moment as decreased but later gets credited if SMS not sent. So at present the service might not be properly activated.

source : meratechport blog

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Free SMS service launched by Gmail

Free SMS by Gmail introduced in India!

Now send Free SMS from Gmail!

Now you can send free text messages to your friends via Gmail! Search engine Google on Wednesday started rolling out free SMS service for its Gmail users in India. The service is reportedly also being rolled out for paid e-mail Google Apps customers in India. Google India officially announced the new initiative yet, however several Gmail users have reported about receiving a notification about the new service.

The message service enables users to send free text messages to mobile phones from their chat windows on Gmail. To send text, users need to add mobile numbers of their contacts in the e-mail address book. The service begins with 50 SMSes credit for every user, with one SMS costing one credit. If you get reply from a mobile phone to your Gmail, 5 credits are added to your account. Maximum credit for SMS is 50.

Google has teamed up with various India cellular operators to roll out the service. The partnership hints that the operators would also receive a share from Google’s SMS service. Currently, eight telecom operators support the service; they are – Aircel, Idea, Loop Mobile, MTS, Reliance, Tata DoCoMo, Tata Indicom and some circles of Vodafone. Airtel and state-run MTNL and BSNL are missing from the list.

source :


How to use Free SMS feature of Gmail

No Old blogger interface option available? No Problem

Blogger have announced to discontinue the old Interface in Blogger, but in some countries the interface already has been removed or the option to revert back to old Interface is no longer available. In this tutorial i will show you how to get into the old Blogger GUI even the option isn’t available.

Blogger is going to spoil it’s own fun in coming months but in some countries it already did it. It’s been a quiet long time after the launch of the New Blogger GUI (Graphical user Interface), but the Old Interface was also available on a click on a button. The option is available for Blogger users, but i have seen several cases where the user don’t have the option to revert back to the old Blogger GUI.

Does that mean, Old Blogger interface is slowing being removed, this change has been experienced by some Bloggers only but many Bloggers need to revert back to old Blogger GUI because you know the BX-error codes that the new Interface issues us.

The New Interface is yet buggy and need many things need to be fixed but the Blogger support team don’t seem to be interested or worried about these BX-error codes, these are mysterious codes which is a nightmare to every blogger. But if you don’t get the option to remove it, then imagine how annoying it would be.

Users are issued BX-error codes at anytime and there’s no specific activity for it to appear, whatever you do from editing post to changing your settings, people are being issued these Bx-errors in every section.

The only solution – The only solution that we have to avoid these Bx-error is to revert back to the old Template. But because some users are not even getting the option to revert back which was in the ‘Gear’ icon on top right corner of the Blogger Dashboard.

How to get into the Old Interface ?

Coming to the point of the post, how to get back into the old Blogger Interface. Actually normal users will find it difficult but that was an easy task. It’s all about tweaking the URL that will take you back to the Old Interface, URL was one of the different between new and old Interface and that’s how they are differentiated . 

Follow these steps to get in the Old Interface. 

1. We will take an URL that’s will help you go back to old GUI, so this is the URL

So this the URL, but wait don’t try to load this URL now.

2. Now you need to get your blogID to replace the number highlighted in Yellow

So to find your Blogger address you can take help of the New Interface, go to your Blogger Dashboard | Click on Any tab, let’s click on ‘Template’ tab. Have a look at your address bar and you will see a number followed by ‘blogID=’ you just need that number.

3. Replace my blogID with your blogId

Here, i replace the blogID with my test blog’s blogID and then the URL is this.

Once you replace the BlogID with your own BlogID, you can load the URL and it will take you to the Old Blogger Interface.

Get free Top notch Security for your Computer with these free softwares

There are many soft wares available in the market who claim to give you all round security for your computer,but in reply charge you BIG MONEY. You can get all the security and performance improvements for your computer or laptop just by few free soft wares,for which you have to pay NO MONEY. Lets take a look at all these soft wares.


1.) Antivirus

For free antivirus the obvious choice is Windows live essentials antivirus,but for that you should have a genuine windows 7 or Windows Vista running.For non- genuine windows users and Mac users,i would suggest Avast free antivirus or AVG free antivirus.These antivirus soft wares give you best protection for free.
2.) Anti-Malware
Malwares are just like virus,but most of  antivirus softwares dont provide protection for it.The software Malware bites antimalware is the by-far best anti malware software and yesss..,,,its free.
3.) Ad – blocker

Today computers and laptops are used mostly for surfing,browsing and downloading from the net,and most of the websites post ads. on their home page(but not this one..). Many times these ads. open witout your permission and these may contain some kind of virus or harmful material for your computer.for this,you have to install ad blockers. Ad – Blocker plus is the best and the most used ad blocker.It is available for most of the browsers as extensions.

Windows provides a good in-built firewall service,but if you want to go a step ahead,you can use Comodo firewall . a firewall service which provides good support for the firewall system.


1.) Ccleaner
By far the best cookie cleaning tool i’ ve ever used. It is very effective and very easy to use. It is available for free from
2.) Recuva
Another marvel from piriform,this software is used to recover the deleted files from your computer.It is also available for free.
3.) Auto run eater
This software eats the autorun fies i.e. many times when you plug in any external device,it automatically starts running.To stop this,auto sun eater disables that. It is also available for free.
So ,this is it.The list of all the must have soft wares to protect and enhance your computer and laptop,and that too for FREE

Practical tips to increase Laptop battery life tremendously

Well, there are plenty of   battery suckers present in your laptop . One has to agree with the fact that the advancement in technology is making us dependent on it. Definitely laptop is one of the biggest devices we just can’t do without these days and also you cannot stand your laptop giving less backup. You can’t carry on with the quick wiping out of battery power. The rapid battery exhaustion leaves you clueless regarding what drains the battery most? Care has to be taken as battery life is the most important and certainly can’t be replaced very frequently.

Read on to know how you can maximize your laptops battery life.

  • Defrag on a regular basis.
  • The faster the hard drive performs, lesser is the burden sited on the battery. Therefore, defrag in order to make your hard drive efficient.
  • There are lots of programs that are always running in the taskbar such as firewall, antivirus, etc. Shutting them down while you aren’t working on the internet would be beneficial.
  • All USB devices are the worst battery power drainers. Unplug them all when not in use. From an external mouse to iPod, all of these devices consume battery power like hell.
  • Spinning CD/DVD drives are the major battery suckers. They consume battery power even when they aren’t active. Even if you have one, get rid of it.
  • Dim the LCD light. They consume battery power much above your assumption. Modify your settings and bring them down to the lowest level you can bear.
  • Put the speaker on the mute mode when not in use. Installed sound schemes play a huge role in wiping out the charge of your laptop battery.
  • Screen savers are prime battery suckers. Deactivate or switch off the screensaver in order to maximize battery life.
  • Both XP and vista is en suited with advanced power management features, make the most of it. There you can find lot of options to choose from. Manage, control and modify settings in order to maximize battery life. Set it up so that power usage is optimized.
  • Hibernate and not standby. Hibernating will save power alongside shutting the laptop itself while standby mode will slow down the CPU and ooze out battery life to keep everything in memory.
  • Do not simultaneously run two or more programs. Keeping too many files and programs in the taskbar will weaken the battery. Do not run those many files while you are working on one or two.
  • Process more with the memory your laptop has by adding more RAM. You won’t have to rely on virtual memory which is less power efficient. RAM consumes more energy thus, it is recommendable if you require running of memory intensive programs.
  • Keep the air vents clean. If the air vents are blocked it will generate more heat leading to battery exhaustion.
  • Do not leave your laptop under direct sunlight. Too much heat will kill your battery, slowly by surely. Avoid leaving it in a jam-packed environment.
  • Do not recharge your battery repeatedly. Discharge the entire battery power and then plug in charger. Avoid recharging when the battery is only partially discharged. Recharging the partial discharged battery will destroy battery life.
  • Keep updating software’s and drivers. This is because newly launched software’s and drivers are less resource hungry and more efficient.
  • Use original adapters. Make sure that the adapter you are using is the original one and has correct specifications. If not, then it will deplete the battery as well as your laptop.
  • If you don’t plan to use your laptop for quite some time, remove the battery and store in a cool place.Also ensure that the battery is at least 40% charged.
  • Pick your priorities wisely. Playing games will drain more battery than playing games. You should priorities your activities and use battery power efficiently.
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Make Google visit your blog or Site

Hie guys ,for new bloggers it is very tough to make their website presence felt on google’s mind and page.,.Here i have discussed methods on how to submit your blog or website to search engines,how to ping your blog,and how to create a sitemap for your blog or website.

1.) How to Submit your site or Blog to Search engines

Even if you write quality content,chances are less that google will crawl your blog,unless you submit it to Google.Their are many costly SEO services,but why give money when you can do all that for free. There are many sites which can submit your blog or site to leading search engines including google.

->I prefer because it submits your blog to almost 20 search engine’s including google for free.

->There are many other sites
but i personally prefer freewebsubmission.

2.)How to ping your blog .

Pinging means to tell the search engine that you have updated your blog and they can crawl it.there are many pinging sites and also some charge for that.,but why pay when you can get for free…

->Again i prefer because its automatic and even submits your blog to google reader,feedburner and other leading sites.

->Another good pinging site is and which are same as ping-o-matic.

3.)How to submit sitemaps.

Sitemaps to search engines are like maps to humans.They guide the engine crawlers to the particular post.You can submit Sitemaps individually to Google and bing.

->Site maps are of particular extensions.some of them are sitemap.xml,atom.xml ,etc.

e.g.  for my site i will submit my sitemap as

->to submit your sitemaps ,you have to go to Google and Bing webmasters tools.

For Google

For Bing

So if you Follow this simple steps,your website or blog will be easily visible on search engines.If you have any questions you can write in the Comments section. Thanks for reading this post.

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Top 5 best budget tablets in India

The tablet competition is warming up and  many new players are getting in to launch the best of the fast-growing tablet industry. The season 2012 is showing to be the season of the tablets, and good response in the market for its low pricing and full on features, the trend of the tablets has relatively hits the Indian market. Since we all know that Indian customer has always been price-sensitive, it is the low-price yet feature-rich tablets that will stretch the customers towards the show rooms. Here’s our choice of five budgeted tablets (all cost below Rs 15,000).
1.)Micromax Fun book:

This tablet runs on Android 4.0 (ICS) as operating system .
It has been backed up by The Cortex A8 processor clocked at 1.2 GHz with 512 MB RAM support that enables the performance on the tablet really easy and rapid.
Micromax launched its most awaited tablet at very much affordable price of Rs 6,499.
2.)Auxus Ax02 : 

I berry India coming up with the India’s first most affordable Ice Cream Sandwich tablet Auxus Ax02 with numerous feature. 
This Auxus Ax02 runs on Android 4.0 (ICS) operating system backed up by 1GHz three cores processor (CPU, GPU, VPU) with good graphic capabilities, 1 GB of DDR2 RAM with HDMI support in which high definition videos can be watched as well as 3D games can be played. 
Auxus Ax02 has been launched at affordable price of Rs 9990.
3.)HCL ME U1: 
It comes up with Android 4.0 offering 7-inch screen with a resolution of 800*480 pixel screen and a 1Ghz  processor.
The device supports a front VGA camera for video calling, 512 MB RAM and internal memory of 4GB, expandable to 32GB.
The device also comes with Wi- Fi connectivity and a USB, mini USB and a Micro SD card slot. Offered price Rs 7999.

4.)BlackBerry Playbook: 
PlayBook runs on the QNX operating system and is powered by a Cortex A9 dual core processor with PowerVR SGX540 graphics card and 1 GB RAM.
The PlayBook sports a 7 inch LCD capacitive touchscreen that has 1024 x 600 pixel resolution. The high resolution screen also has four-finger, multi-touch and gesture support features.
While the base version with 16 GB memory is currently selling for Rs 14,000.
5.)MSI Enjoy Pad :
 This tablet runs on Android 2.3 OS, 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 4GB of internal storage and supports up to 32 GB of external memory. Price for 7 inches tab Rs 13999 and Rs 14999 for 10 inches tablet.
6.)Karbonn Smart tab

You might have heard smart phone but yeah,its a smart tab.
It runs on  Android 4.0 Operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich),that promises smooth performance of the application in the Tab.
It has a 1.2 Ghz processor,a 3700 mAH of battery,1 GB of internal memory and extermal memory expandable upto 32 GB.
It has a 7 inch LCD Capacitive Touchscreen with 800 x 480 pixels.It also features an HDMI port and a 2 MP camera.,and Wi-fi and 3g as well.

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