International Women's Day

Come 8 th march and the world celebrates it as International Women’s day .

In 1975, during International Women’s Year, the United Nations began celebrating 8 March as International Women’s Day. Two years later, in December 1977, the General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming a United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace to be observed on any day of the year by Member States, in accordance with their historical and national traditions. For the United Nations, International Women’s Day has been observed on 8 March since 1975. The Day is traditionally marked with a message from the Secretary-General.

But,this is no all. One young woman was gang-raped to death. Another committed suicide out of a sense of shame that should have attached to the perpetrators. Young teens were shot at close range for daring to seek an education.

Let’s hope 2013 becomes a very happy year as International Women day is celebrated.


QR Code – The Next Big Thing in Marketing

QR Code

Now a days, QR codes are use everywhere. It is used in newspapers and magazine to s
ave space and to give additional advertising information. You can share a video link using QR codes. You can also use this as a technique to drive traffic to your website. Other places where you can use this code are – back of your business card, on product tags and packages, in hotel menus, on conventional name tags, on signs providing directions, and in outdoor advertisements.

It is a special kind of barcode basically designed to serve the automotive industry. Now it has become popular with other industries too. The reason behind this popularity is its colossal storage capacity and very fast reading capacity. The basic purpose of a QR code is marketing, especially online marketing, using smart phones. If you want to display some product or service online using your smart phone, do it with the help of a QR code. It is fast and quick.

QR generator or Quick Response codes are two-dimensional bar codes. It can be interpreted by a mobile phone camera equipped with code reading application. Once you scan the QR code, the content, such as images, web address etc. embedded in the image becomes visible on the phone’s browser. You do not have to type these information.

If your phone has a code reader application, you need not have to put much effort to create a QR code. Just hold the phone on the code, and the required data will appear fast. Not only scanning the data, the application will also transform the data into your phone. QR code frees you from typing the URLs or other information on your phone’s browser. There are lots of free QR generator are available these days. You just browse any free site that offers QR code generation. Once you generate your own QR code, you can use it to drive more visitors to your website. You can also interact with your customers and increase interaction with them on your site. QR codes help you to become more visible online.

QR code works well for print medium as well. Using the generator, you can develop QR code business cards, letterheads, envelop etc. easily and quickly. To generate all these, you need not to have any advance technical knowledge or any programming skill. All you have to do is integrate your Web URL with your smart phone and fill in some basic information while generating the QR code. The generator will then form your code with all your desired data.

QR code generator is a proven tool to create new customer base. It is a very nice and profitable way to market your business both online and offline. It also helps to bridge the gap between these two fields. It is also a customer friendly technology. You can generate your business card for free online and share all your information, and your clients can save the information after scanning your QR code.

You should always print or download the QR code in vector format for its smooth and undisturbed functioning. As per the popular practise, it is suggested that you should develop printed QR code in large size to attract attention. It is a psychological factor. This way your viewers think that your business is in sync with the latest technology. Make sure you do not make it too large so that people cannot read them with their smart phones. And it would be difficult for the QR code reader as well to read a lengthy QR code.

Google India Celebrates Jagjit Singh's 72nd Birthday with a Doodle

Google India has today given a doodle of the Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh ,on his 72nd Birthday.In this way,Google doodle has honoured Jagjit Singh on his 72nd birth anniversary.
This is a surprise by Google because we generally don’t see music composers or singers on Google’s Doodle. Jagjit singh had passed away on 10th October 2011.

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Jagjit Singh's 72nd Birthday doodle
Google doodle of Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh, born Jagmohan Singh (8 February 1941 – 10 October 2011), was a prominent Indian Ghazal singer, songwriter and musician. Known as the “Ghazal King”, he gained acclaim together with his wife, another renowned Indian ghazal singer Chitra Singh in the 1970s and 1980s. Their combination album comprising music from the films, Arth and Saath Saath is the HMV’s largest selling combination album of all time.Sajda (An Offering, 1991), Jagjit Singh’s magnum opus double album with Lata Mangeshkar holds the same record in non-film category.He sang in numerous languages. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the government of India in 2003.

10 Insider Tips for Small Business's to Succeed

Owning and operating your own business can be a liberating and exciting opportunity. Creating your own success and mapping out your future on your own terms is empowering. At the same time leaving the comfort of employment including regular working hours, benefits, and a consistent salary can often be discomforting, if not downright scary. For most entrepreneurs the desire to be independent and create your own life outweighs all apprehensions, but still comes with associated risks.
While there may not be a bullet-proof success formula that works consistently for every business, there are common characteristics that unite all successful entrepreneurs. Continue reading to determine how many of these skills and characteristics you have mastered as well as where you may want to focus on improving.
1. Positive outlook on life and success. Successful entrepreneurs tend to be optimistic, upbeat, and look to the future as an opportunity still awaiting. Big dreams are a common theme with successful small business owners and often what propels the individual and the business to its ultimate success. In conjunction with the big dream comes the necessity to break it down into smaller visions that can be clearly articulated, monitored, and measured. Many if not all successful entrepreneurs have great imaginations and spend time mentally visualizing success. This includes thinking about specific deals, transactions, and events that will ultimately lead to personal and business success. Clarity of purpose and staying focused on the task at hand are critical to achieving business success. The more realistic the visualizations and dreams the more likely you will be to achieve. Success is ultimately birthed in the imagination and mind and translated through daily actions inspired during those visualizations.
It is widely known you must “see it before you can achieve it.” Though business success ultimately lies in the physical ability to provide a product or service at a profit, the product, service, and ultimately the unique approach to these transactions are all byproducts of mental visualization. If you are an author, visualize your next book signing after your release has gone #1 and you’ve made it to the best-selling list. If you run an auto repair shop, visualize successful interactions with clients in which you deliver exceptional service and value during each transaction. Ultimately you must take whatever niche, product, market, service, and segment you are involved in and visualize how you will succeed at delivering value to the clients you serve while ultimately earning a profit. The most successful entrepreneurs out there visualize the success of the product or service in their mind prior to it being affirmed in the physical marketplace.
2. Passion = Profit. Personal passion is a prerequisite for any successful business. If you enter a business deal strictly looking to make money or achieve success and aren’t passionate about the business, the people, or the end result, you are severely limiting the potential outcome. Passion ignites enthusiasm in those that surround you; team members, clients, vendors, etc. Profits find passion in business regardless of the market segment. Passionate about auto recycling? As strange as it may seem other people are too. Embrace your passion and look for ways to share your excitement and knowledge about a specific product or service with others who share a similar interest. Embrace your love for the product or service you deliver and follow the path that ignites passion in your daily life. Passion provides the necessary motivation that ultimately leads business owners down a path towards fulfillment of goals and dreams.
3. Compensate for weakness and focus on your strengths. Most of us have been taught through the traditional school of thought – which unfortunately restricts our ability to succeed. Traditional thinking teaches us to be humble about our strengths and consistently strive to improve our weaknesses. Successful entrepreneurs often turn this mantra upside down. Instead of spending countless hours and energy attempting to develop skills you may never master – focus on what you do best and compensate for the rest. We are all gifted with unique individual talents that are expressed naturally in our day-to-day interactions. You may be good at writing, analysis, speaking, insight, relationships, painting, interacting with kids, animals, etc. We all have inherent traits that come naturally and don’t require long hours of hard work to achieve. That doesn’t mean we don’t improve with practice, but let’s face it, some of us are specifically better at things that others aren’t. Focus on those things that you do best and compensate for the things you don’t. Find team members that are strong where you are weak and vice versa and you will build a synergistic team that supports each other exponentially.
4. Failure is not an option. Successful entrepreneurs understand that failure is not an option and continually look for ways to succeed. Don’t allow failure to be considered at any level in the organization. Focus on success at all times and never let the possibility of failure take root in your mind or business culture. There will always be setbacks and learning lessons throughout any business venture and life, but find the opportunity for growth and success in every dilemma and challenge faced. All negative circumstances can be turned in to a positive and ultimately failure does not ever have to be selected as an option. Any circumstance can be re-framed with a positive twist no matter how bleak the situation may appear.
5. Prepare and execute the planDreaming often comes naturally to entrepreneurs. Detailed planning and execution may not. In order to ensure success at moving from where you are to where you want to be, a detailed plan must be drafted and executed. Utilize the Merlin Method (“begin with the end in mind”) and work backwards from there. For example, if you would like to become the next Donald Trump, start with Donald Trump as the end result. Move back from there and make a list of the traits required to become Donald Trump. What relationships, transactions, business deals, and skills are required to succeed? Which of these do you possess? What items to you need to work on? Assess where you are at, who you are, and ultimately who you need to become to get to where you want to go. Formulate a plan that enables you to move down the path acquiring the skills and building the relationships necessary to ultimately arrive at the end result you are striving for.
6. Be dedicated! Successful entrepreneurs know that a business is similar to a baby in that it will require nurturing, attention, and caring, throughout its entire life. Different stages will require different levels of input and interaction. Make sure you are serious about and able to afford the time required to ensure successful implementation of your business plan. Long hours and hard work are often part of any phase of the business. If you are truly passionate about what you do none of this will really be negative. Remember to schedule time with family and friends, and most importantly for yourself. Though many hours may be spent caring for and nurturing your business, you ultimately are not good to anyone if you burn out before the business succeeds. Be conscious of how you are feeling and the work load you are undertaking. Being dedicated does not mean you are completely consumed by the business. When at work focus and commit to completing the necessary tasks at hand. When scheduled away from work – leave the business alone. Be dedicated to your business, your family and friends, and living a balanced life and you will be more likely to succeed in all areas simultaneously.
7. Build relationships and network. Ultimately it isn’t what you know – but who you know. We have all encountered this motto multiple times during our business careers, and it still rings with truth in every situation. Surround yourself with a competent team, board of directors, advisers, vendors and partners and continually look to network. Ultimately the people you meet during your daily interactions will be the ones that will buy from you, support you in delivering your product or service, or in supporting you personally in your quest for success. Opportunities will present themselves through the people you meet on a daily basis.
In business, you are judged by the company you keep – from your management team, board of directors, and strategic partners. Businesses always need assistance, more so small businesses. Maybe the lady you met in a trade association meeting can help you secure funding, or the gentleman you bumped in to at a conference can provide you with management advise. It is important to form alliances with people who can help you, and whom you can help in return. To succeed in business, you need to possess good networking skills and always be alert to opportunities to expand your contacts.
8. Desire to learn. You do not need to be an MBA degree holder or PhD graduate to succeed in your own business. Actually formal education is often inversely proportional to the amount of success achieved in small business. Curiosity and a desire to learn how to solve real world issues is what propels many business owners to success. Talk to those around you and find out what would best help the greatest number of people in your market and you will have found a winning proposition. It often isn’t about how smart you are in a certain area but more specifically how well you are able to clue in to what other people are telling you and how you can help them solve problems.
9. Keep the faith. The road to success will often contain detours and potential pitfalls. Keep faith in your original dream and vision and ultimately good things will arrive. Realize that one of the biggest factors in determining your future success will be in how you deal with temporary set backs. Stay focused on the ultimate end result and have faith in your ability to succeed. Setbacks are strictly learning lessons that ultimately teach you how to be better at what you are attempting to do. Each setback enables you to pick back up and potentially increase momentum in your business by utilizing the learning lessons from the experience.
10. Practice discipline. Thomas Huxley once said, “Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you like it or not.” Do what others are unwilling to do and ultimately you will have opportunities that others won’t. Realize that you are on a mission that requires faith, commitment, and discipline. Find those traits and behaviors that support success and practice the discipline required to hone those skills day-to-day.
Ultimately if you possess or are able to master these 10 characteristics shared by successful entrepreneurs you will find yourself to be one of them.

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Milkha Singh Charged only one but Historic Re 1 Note

“We wanted to give a priceless token of appreciation to Milkhaji for letting us tell his story through our film. We looked for that something special for a very long time. Then we finally ended up sourcing a special Re.1 currency note that was printed in 1958,” Rajiv Tandon, CEO of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures Pvt. Ltd, said in a statement. Bhaag milkha Bhaag,as is releasing in mid 2012

Rs One Note by rakeysh mehra to milkha singh
Rakeysh Mehra gave Milkha Singh This Re 1 Note

In return Mehra went an extra mile to source a special Rs 1 currency note that was printed in 1958. The year was when the Flying Sikh got back medals from both Commonwealth and the Asian Games.

Money was not Milkha’s priority — he only wanted Mehra to make the film.

The legendary athlete wanted that “it should be made in such a way that it inspires more youngsters to let india earn medalsin athletics”, tandon said

A source close to Singh said: “The legend (Milkha Singh) was extremely moved. It ( note) was like a souvenir for him.”

Google celebrates Srinivasa Ramanujan's 125th Birthday by a Doodle

As seen in the photo below, Srinivasa Ramanujan’s 125th birth anniversary Google Doodle shows mathematical theorems in the letters of the word GOOGLE being written by a small child which seems to be Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Srinivasa Ramanujan Google doodle

About Srinivasa Ramanujan :


Born on 22 December 1887 in the city Erode, Madras Presidency, Srinivasa Ramanujan was one of India’s greatest mathematical geniuses. He made substantial contributions to the analytical theory of numbers and worked on elliptic functions, continued fractions, and infinite series.

Born in a poor Brahmin family, Ramanujan’s introduction to formal mathematics began at age 10.

During his short lifetime, Ramanujan independently compiled nearly 3900 results (mostly identities and equations)

Ramanujan died of illness, malnutrition, and possibly liver infection in 1920 at the age of 32.

In December 2011, in recognition of his contribution to mathematics, the Government of India declared that Ramanujan’s birthday (22 December) should be celebrated every year as National Mathematics Day, and also declared 2012 the National Mathematical Year.Source of Information on Srinivasa Ramanujan – wikipedia

Article Source :                   125th-birthday/

Watch Official Trailer of Kai Po Che Exclusive

Kai Po Che is a Hindi film from the makers of Rang de Basanti and the writer-director of Rock On, releasing in cinemas on 22nd February 2013.Kai po Che stars Sushant singh Rajput,Raj Raj Kumar Yadav and Amit Sadh star as Ishaan, Govind and Omi respectively. Kai Po Che!’s trailer will also be released with Dabangg 2.This is the Exclusive trailer of This Amazing film” Kai po che”.