Fight Depression Easily

Out of many diseases doing the rounds, depression is one which is slowly but steadily making its presence felt amongst us, thus leading to many health issues and sometimes resulting to death as well. Depression leads to the lack of desire to live and that leads to death. You can imagine how gruesome it is.

In today’s time, we have to deal with so many stress in life that occurrence of depression is inevitable, unless we make an effort to fight back. To a large extent, we determine our own frame of mind; never feel helpless or consider yourself a loser. Depression is something that we can avoid by cultivating positive thinking with fair amount of will power.

Let’s discuss some ways on how to beat depression and lead a happy, healthy & a peaceful life.
Positive vibes – I had hated my professor as he never gave me positive vibes. He was never happy hence he could never make people around him happy. If you make others sad and unhappy, chances of you being happy is negligible. Unless you spread positive energy and goodwill to others, you can’t feel happy from with in. Do focus on other people’s good qualities, take inspiration from them, you will feel better. What we give out is what we get back in life. Follow this thumb rule and you will be happy.
Be busy – empty mind is a devil’s workshop. If you sit idle for a long time, you can help but fall into the trap of negativity. When we get involved in other activities that we enjoy it takes us out of ourselves. Activity forces us to do something constructive, and does not allow us to dwell on our depressed state of mind.
Learn from mistakes – no one is above the law of mistakes and blunder in life. Mistakes can happen and will happen till we are alive, but harbouring feelings of guilt will only enhance the problem. Brooding over a mistake and feeling guilty will lead to depression. It makes a mole of a mountain by thinking too much about a minor mistake. It is important to learn from the mistakes and move on.
Relaxation is important too – all work and no play makes Jack a dull person. This is applicable to all of us. If we only on work then we will have no time for relaxation. Instead take out time for your own happiness and hobbies so that your heart and mind gets the much needed break and rest. If we pursue an unbalanced life will be all the more painful.
Don’t rely on others to smile – if you expect too much from others, at some point you are bound to face the harsh reality. Why do you need to depend on others to be happy? We should look for happiness from within. Instead of depending on others to smile, find your own source to say yes to life with a smile. Be it from work or music or hobbies, look for happiness on your own.
Open up and share – something I personally should learn. I have a problem asking for help but that is not right. What are friends for? Our friends may not be able to solve our problems, but opening up to a confidant helps in feeling better, brooding over an issue leads to depression. Make a choice.
Hunt your happiness – When we are low in life, we fail to believe in the concept of happiness. But truth is that when you are sad, do things that give you some happiness. It may not be a big, but good thing often comes in smaller packages. Like when I am upset, I try and eat good food. It generates happy hormone. Similarly you find your own happiness. If mind is happy, door for depression is permanently blocked.
Follow Geeta– Geeta says do your work and leave the result on all mighty. Depression often occurs because our desires remain unfulfilled. I am not asking you to compromise with your dreams. We should definitely strive to achieve various goals. However, don’t get shattered if you don’t get the expected result. Work hard, be happy that you have given in your best; 9 out of 10 times you would get result. Keep no burden of success on your head.
Music – if you are traveling or sitting alone, your mind is likely to think about negative stuffs. Instead, occupy your mind by listening to good music. This worked big time for me. I had the habit of over thinking, mostly about the possibilities of a mishap. Thus I stared listening to music whenever am traveling or sitting idle. Good music takes your mind onto a road full of peace and hope, leaving no scope for bad thoughts to make way into our minds. Avoid listening to sad songs when you are low. Instead listen to songs that inspire you. This is one sure shot way to feel good. Try it.

Controlling Depression is in our hands. Requires fair amount of will power and the desire to live happily. No one is above miseries and pain. But amidst all this we have to make an avenue to fight negativity and sorrows. If you feel the above points have some meaning, do start practicing it at the earliest.

Cheers to Life!

What we did not get in New iPAD(except Steve Jobs)

Apple announced its new tablet last week and its going to launch in market on 16th march. But the rumors were all around the world regarding the pad’s name and its features, now the suspense is over after the launch they have simply name the tablet as “New iPad” users were expecting that it would be named asiPad 3 or iPad HD as it was coming with retina display technology.

Now let us talk about the features which were expected in new iPad. But unfortunately all the expectation was over ruled out.

Gesture based Device: It was expected that in new iPad there would be no home buttom instead of that gesture would be use to navigate the menu, but Apple might have thought that consumers are less interested to have a gesture based device. This was considered one of the controversial topics but unfortunately the users have to wait for fourth edition of tablet to enjoy the gesture based device.

Addition of SIRI: SIRI was expected to be in new iPad, gods knows the mystery behind it and why the voice dictation feature was not added to the new edition of iPad we thought that SIRI would we included to every IOS device as in I phone 4S. Most probably Apple must have kept something for their next edition.

A6 processor Quad-core: We all thought that the new iPad would be launched with A6 processor Quad core inside. Though we all know that apple launched their iPad2 with A5 processor, it left users to expect us more in new iPad. Apple brought new A5X processor in new iPad and left us speculate the mystery of extra X in the processor. I hope that the high definition movies and games can be handled with ease.

Haptic feedback Technology: Just before the launch rumors early morning of Apple’s announcement of new iPad display might have technology which allows end users to sense exactly where these people were pressing. Essentially, the unique technology would use electrical power to provide various little portions of the screen a structure if needed, which may enable end users to enhance really feel exactly where these were pressing. Apple always thinks different we never know we can get the similar technologies in the future devices

SD card Slot: I think Apple has made up his mind not to include an extra memory slot to any of his iPad which means you have to add a extra cost and buy a Apple camera connection kit to transfer your pictures and videos to your new iPad, if they have thought to it then certainly helped the user not to carry an extra accessory.

So, guys we need to wait and watch for quite some time to see what Apple has got next to offer.

New iPad with Retina Display -Can it be used in daylight ?

As we all know that soon the new iPad would be makings its presence in the market on 16th march. Loaded with good features such as retina display, faster processor, and good camera. The new innovation in the display section will let you to click the photos in natural sunlight for that we have to wait and watch till it comes into the hands of real users. To justify the statement before hand just have a look into some of the screen shot taken from the Video Ad by Apple which was displayed during the launching event of the new iPad.

The lady buying fruits in the market during the daytime looking at iPad might give you the clear view about the screen resolution visibility in natural lights.

The next image shows a man in a beech clicking a photo of his family in direct sunlight just notice the clarity on screen.

Above images will give you idea about the quality and the clarity of the images would be great in the new iPad as we know about the technology used in the new iPad is Retina display technology in which text are sharp and photos are vibrant .

As per mine view which I personally feel that image taken in beach is taken from shadow into sunlight in that case image seems to be vibrant but I hope transparency remains the same as shown in the video Ads rather than a retouched or modified video to create curiosity among the people.

Akhilesh Yadav – New face of Uttar Pradesh (umm.PUTTAR PRADESH)

aspiring developing up akhilesh yadav cartoon 2017
It’s time for the winds of change to blow strong in Uttar Pradesh (UP) – the most crucial electoral state of India. The Samajwadi Party (SP) had a clean sweep in the state, blowing away the Dalit storm of Mayawati and her brigade. Even the suave Rahul Gandhi, the future of Congress empire in India, who had repeatedly campaigned in UP, failed to convince the people with his charms. What finally worked for UP was the political strategy of SP’s grand old man Mulayam Singh Yadav’s son Akhilesh, who almost single-handedly scripted the victory for Samajwadi Party. And not quite surprisingly also, on March 10th, his name was announced as the future Chief Minister of UP.

Akhilesh at 38 would be the youngest Chief Minister in the state ever to hold the reins of power. He will be sworn in on March 15th at the La Martiniere school grounds in Lucknow. Little is known of the fact that the political spark in this young leader, born on July 1, 1973, was first noticed by the veteran Communist leader Somnath Chatterjee. Fondly called as Tipu, the CPM leader had long back said that Akhilesh be ‘allowed to be on his own’. And being on his own he never disappointed his father or his party loyalists when Mulayam had handed the party reigns to his son in 2009.

aspiring developing up akhilesh yadav cartoon 2017
An environment engineer from Sydney University, Akhilesh’s favourite pastimes before venturing into politics were movies and football. He also happens to be conscious about his fitness regime and loved riding a specially made bicycle that helps to keep a person fit.

The best part about his leadership was that he was successful in turning SP’s anti-English and anti-computer image into a favourable light and stop giving tickets to candidates who have a previous criminal record.

It was for his Masters degree that Akhilesh went to Australia. Before that he went to Military School in Dholpur, Rajasthan and then a civil environment engineering degree from Mysore University.

However, it was when Akhilesh after returning from Sydney, was thinking to take up water pollution projects, his father, who was already then a three-times minister, drifted his line into politics. It was Akhilesh’s strategic electoral fight, 10,000 km yatra, 800 rallies spanning a period of over last six months, which played a pivotal role in annihilating Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) from power.

He had been only 27 years when entered the Lok Sabha and won Kannuaj in 2000. He has been the Kannauj MP ever since.

It was a phenomenal decision that generated a lot of hype when he denied entry to DP Yadav in the SP. He appeared at a meeting in Rampur with senior party leader Mohammad Azam Khan when Mulayam Singh Yadav gave the message that Akhilesh’s decision is final.

The credit of SP getting majority on 224 seats in the House of 403 can mostly be given by his party colleagues to Akhilesh, who had immense faith in youth power to annihilate BSP. However, after he is sworn in as the next CM of Uttar Pradesh on March 15, it remains to be seen whether he is able to fulfil all his promises – provide tablets and laptops to high school and intermediate pass outs, doling out un-employment allowance which would cause excessive burden to the state exchequer. Lawlessness is crucial issue that would have to be handled with an iron hand by the party in UP.

What Steve Jobs did in India 35 years ago

Today, India woke up to a world without Steve Jobs. His company, Apple, has sometimes treated its India customers with disdain, launching products here months after the international release. Yet, India mourns with the rest of the world. But the truth is that Steve Jobs had a short lived fling with our country in the ’70s, before he founded Apple, and like many flings it was a bitter experience.

Then an employee of video game company Atari, the young Jobs came to India with his friend Dan Kottke. Just when they were here and how long they stayed is a matter of some speculation. What is certain is that Jobs and Kottke were here between 1974 and 1976, and spent between one and three months travelling around North India. He was mystified by eastern philosophies; he was on a quest for higher learning, to solve the unanswered questions of science.

According to unofficial Steve Jobs autobiography iCon, Kottke states “He was totally determined to go to India”. Kottke goes on to say, “He felt some kind of unresolved pain over being adopted. That was the same period that he hired a private investigator to try and track down his mother. He was obsessed with it for a while.”

In New Delhi, Steve chose to don a lungi and roam around barefoot.In the flower child fashion of the era, he embraced Indian culture. Or thought he had. But India, he discovered, came bundled with beggars on the streets and the reality of poverty, far removed from the hippy-ish existence Jobs had led till then.

There was worse in store for him. He met a holy man in Kainchi near Nainital, who shaved his head on a mountaintop and claimed to know the whereabouts the elusive and much sought Neem Karoli Baba. Many versions of this story exist. In one such,this man turned out to be a fraud, and when Jobs’ finally made it to the Baba’s ashram he was found to have had passed away. Jobs later said “We weren’t going to find a place where we could go for a month to be enlightened. It was one of the first times that I started to realize that maybe Thomas Edison did a lot more to improve the world than Karl Marx and Neem Karoli Baba put together.”

By now Jobs’ spiritual quest lay in tatters as did his notions of the world.  To his emotional turmoil was added a measure of physical discomfort. Both Jobs and Kottke were struck down with diarrhea and fatigue in the unforgiving Indian summer. Kottke describes this time: “Out there in the dry creek bed, in the middle of India, completely disoriented, all our rhythms and beliefs shattered, where we were sure a flash flood would come through any moment, the two of us praying to any god that could here us; Dear God, if I ever get through this, ill be a good person, I promise.”

Finally, Kottke’s traveller’s cheques were stolen and the companions had to cancel a planned trip to the cooler climes of Manali.

India both traumatised Steve Jobs and changed his life. He returned to Atari a Buddhist, and a more focused and hardened individual. Did he find in India the steel that was to allow him to survive an ouster from the company he founded and then to return and rise to unexpected heights?

After returning to Atari, Jobs’ rekindled his friendship with high school mate Steve Wozniak who was working at Hewlett-Packard then. Together, the two Steves launched a startup called Apple Computer from Jobs’ garage in Palo Alto, California.

It’s hard to say if India’s less than favoured status with Apple can be attributed to Steve Jobs’ early experience with the country. But it is definitely true that it was then that the foundations were laid for the titanic, perfection-obsessed, often ruthless personality he was to become later.  

Release of Apple iPad 3

Apple has recently announced that its new version of  iPad i.e., iPad3 is going to come in the market on March 7th 2012. The event is hosted in San Francisco on March 7th, 10 AM local time (PT) and invitations where send to all reporters and bloggers.

All though Apple didn’t announce anything about the iPad3, however many bloggers say that this is definitely going to be lot different and more advanced to the previous versions of iPad’s. Following are some significant features of iPad3.

Features of Apple iPad3:
The latest version of iPad is said to have a lot better screen resolution which is 2048×1536 pixels almost double to present version of iPad. With a better a screen resolution it’s quite evident that the display on the screen for games, videos, e-books and photos is much high.

The next significant feature is the camera, although the present iPad2 has a very good camera, it’s believed that the front camera in iPad3 is going to be even better, which improves the quality of face time voice chat.
The latest processor is the A5 processor, but iPad3 is going to come with even latest processor i.e., A6 processor which has better graphics, speed and efficiency.

 iPad 2 came with 3G, there are some rumors saying that iPad3 is going to feature 4G with a price of over $130 to the Wi-Fi version. With a big hit of Siri technology on iPhone 4S, now Apple is thinking to introduce that feature in iPad3 too.

One thing that isn’t changing much is the screen size which is just 9.7 inch pretty similar to the current version of iPad.
On the day of release iPad3 is going to come in three versions as 16GB, 32 GB, and 64GB.

No price details about iPad3 were disclosed but it’s believed that it’s going to be over $500 and approximately $80 more than the current version iPad.

Although no pictures were revealed of iPad3 but the invitation has a part of iPad3 as a background with a message saying “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”, and with a finger pointed over the Calendar app, which has been set to the venue date i.e., Wednesday, March 7, 2012.

So if you’re planning to buy iPad2 just wait for another 1 week and go for iPad3 and keep yourself updated with the latest gadgets in the world.

4 Thins you need to know before starting a Business

start a business startup
You need to keep in mind proper steps when you decide to start your own business. You can choose from small business or big business based on your business plan. A business plan plays the most vital part of your business. It is very important to know your profit base before you start with your business.

At initial stages, there may be lesser share of profit. However, you have to consider long-term approach in knowing about your business plan. Everything should be evaluated in a right manner. You should be aware of all the pros and cons in your perfect business setup.

start a business startup
Here are some basic tips you may consider to start a business set up of your own:

1.) A set up for business can also relate to working space. You need to consider a space based on your business type. You may need a small space for your small business set up. You may require a bigger space, if you are opting for a big business set up. This also depends on nature of your business. You may also consider your total budget for starting up with your business. You have to allocate your funds in an effective manner. Try to bifurcate your funds for different business needs as a first step for your business.

2.) You can also consider a name for your business organization as an important step to start with your business. You can also opt to register your name for your business in this case. Consider a name, which has a unique identity for your business. When you opt for a different name, it can really catch the attention of your potential clients. You can also add some tag lines or captions to make your business more interesting. This can also play an important part in your marketing strategy. Consider this factor for your business setup.

3.)It is also important to make a logo based on your business. This can also help in positive expansion of your business. Try to consider a work set up for your business. You can consider hiring employees based on your business needs. You should always start with small number at first place. Once you see an expansion in your business. You can then hire more number of people for your business. This can also be based on your small or big business needs. Try to consider a proper set up at first place to know about the capacity.

4.) You should also know about your basics of tax benefits when you start your business. It is important to consider all the financial aspects for your business. Try to know about varied benefits you can get from the same. Try to know which feature can help to expand your business in a positive manner. This can also help your business to grow in an effective manner.

These are some main features you may consider, when you start your own business. Make a proper plan and work out all the possible flaws before starting your business.

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Valentine’s Day –The day of love, passion, trust and commitment

valentine day stands for love, passion, peace , trust and above all committment to love

Valentine day is celebrated on February 14 every year. This day has become love festival and is celebrated with zeal and fervor by young people and youngsters. It may rightly be called the lover’s day. The day has gained enormous proportions among kids and teenagers in recent years. The youth enthusiastically enjoys the day be exchanging love feelings and greetings. This day has become embodiment of love, passion and commitment. Red rose are offered to lovers as were offered to deities in ancient days. Red rose depicts passionate love and passionate hearts of blossoming lovers: whose red hearts like red roses throb with love, dynamism and devotion. Red rose is favourite flower of goddess Venus, the Latin goddess of love. Love knots made by interlacing loops of ribbon, the pair of white doves, the green colored parrot, the vahana of Kamdeva all these symbolize love and affection.

Love is eternal subject of art, literature and paintings. Every artist had tried to define love in his or her own unique way but love is likea ocean who none could fathom, so love is still undefined and waiting for future generations to be defined. Not much has been written on single subject as on the subject of love. love is basic human emotion which his flowing eternally in the hearts of people and their arteries, since time memorial and centuries. Some walk in love, some walk through love, some walk over love. There are only a few fortunate in who love rides.

Wars have been fought for love and lover’s sake. Emperors have abdicated their mighty thrones rejecting all wealth and fame of world in choice of love. Such is the power and strength of love. Some unfortunate having obsessed with love committed either suicide or committed the heinous crime of murdering their love.
February 14, the day of love has special significance for all of us. It reminds us the piousness and innocence of love over lust and possessiveness. Love frees us from the bonds of possessiveness whereas the sensuousness binds us with worldly things and bodily beauty and figure. Love is that sweet fragrance that everyone wishes to smell on this day. People express their love and commitment for each other on this auspicious day
This day has mythological significance too.. This reminds us the eternal “love –stories” of cupid-psyche, Eros-psyche and Kamdeva and Rati and love symbolized in images and myths. Cupid was a mischievous winged youth whose arrow would pierce the heart of his victims. In ancient Greece he was known as Eros, young son of Aphrodite. To the Romans he was Cupid and his mother was Venus. The Indian version of cupid and Eros is Kamdeva. The three myths of cupid, Eros and Kamdeva symbolize the eternal emotional river of love passion which is flowing in every young and old heart since dawn of civilization. These myths also speak of eternal miseries/ anguish and travails associated with love emotion. Roses that are exchanged on this day symbolize both peace and war, Love and Forgiveness. White roses are for true love, Red roses stand for passion, Yellow for friendship and Black roses mean farewell.
When the gods of love –Kamdeva, cupid and Eros pertaining to Indian, Latin and Greek cultures see the modern youth in their full bloom dancing with vibrating energy and radiance, they must be remembering their own sportful, fanciful youthful days full of love and romance and offer their blessings to the modern youth. I too wish you all happy valentine day. Long live the memory of saint valentine in our hearts.

Educated – Uneducated

It is very easy to explain importance of education. No human beings are able to survive properly without education. By the means of education only one’s potential can be used to maximum extent. Education tells men how to think, how to work properly, how to make decision.Through educationonly one can make separate identity. It is most important in life like our basic need foods, clothe and shelter. With the beginning we learnt how to interact with others, how to make friends because of education only. As I remember when my parents had enrolled my name in school not only I learnt the alphabets and numbers but also I made friends, interacted with them with teachers.

With further development you were faced with the sense of competition and desire and other such emotions and feelings, you also learnt to control these emotions and feelings. And also teaches how to act in different situations. Education is not just restricted to teaching a person the basic academics, say computers, mathematics, geography or history education is a much larger term.

If you want to find out the impact of education on any individuality, you better do an intense observation to the ways of well-educated people and then compare them with an illiterate man. You would get a clear picture of the education and its accurate concept. Education is one of the important factors which formulate the persona of a person. Education is a productive and beneficial factor in a person’s life. It is everyone’s right to get. The training of a human mind is not complete without education. Only because of education a man are able to receive information from the external humanity, to notify him with past and receive all essential information concerning the present.

When one travels around the world, one observes to what an extraordinary degree human nature is the same, whether in India or Australia, London, Europe or America.
Conservative education makes independent thinking extremely complicated. If we are being educated merely to achieve distinction, to get a better job, to be more efficient, to have wider domination over others, then our lives will be shallow and empty. If we are being educated only to be scientists, to be scholars wedded to books, or specialists addicted to knowledge, then we shall be contributing to the destruction and misery of the world.

We may be highly educated, but if we are without meaningful combination of thought and feeling, our lives are incomplete and clashing. Education develops a meaningful outlook on life.

The individual are different but to accentuate the differences and to encourage the development of a definite type education is must.

Education is not just a matter of training the mind. Training makes for efficiency, but it does not bring about completeness. Knowledge and efficiency are necessary, which brings up by education.

Education should help us to discover lasting values; unfortunately, the present system of education is making us submissive, emotionless and deeply thoughtless.
Systems, whether educational or political, are not changed without explanation; they are transformed when there is a fundamental change in ourselves. The individual is of first importance, not the system; and as long as the individual does not understand the total process of himself, no system can bring order and peace to the world.


We get experience and receive training in our places of work, school or environment. After completing each day, we learn a new lessonwhich is usually applied to some area that is important to our lives. When we are involved in any sphere of life, we wouldn’t like to make any mistakes while moving along. We actually feel a form of defeat when we repeat at failing whatever we failed in the past or whatever we made a mistake at doing. It is also worthy to note that in every failure or mistake, there is a valuable lesson to learn. One vital thing to never forget is thelesson you could learn from every mistake.

In the vast field of science, experimenters make alot of tests inorder to prove their beliefs, convictions or findings to the world. Whatever they discover or theorise, is usually built upon later on. It is worthy to note that many inventors made hundreds or thousands of mistakes along the path to their great invention(s), like in Thomas Edison’s career. After inventing new knowledge or processes, they keep an inventory of all the relevant information or data that contributed to their alarming discovery. This type of procedure can be applied to the experiences and processes of learning we encounter in our daily lives.

Whatever we are doing in life, certain steps must be involved inorder to achieve an expected end but when the result ends up not being what we expected, it implies that we have deviated by making a mistake. We would have a better ride if we view our unexpected end as a mistake that we can learn from, rather than looking at it as a total failure. In this way, we will be helping ourselves to move in a more appropriate direction that can take us to our expected end. Generally, people often take steps, meet a challenge and conquer it by making changes that get them on the road that traverses towards their expected end. Lessons learnt from mistakes are extremely valuable because they aid you to totally avoid error in the future.

If you want to value life’s ways of learning, always make an attempt to identify the lessons in those things that get into our path and temporarily prevent you from achieving your expected end. Once anything gets into our way and deviates us from making our ends meet, we should pick up the lesson offered and find the nearest opportunity that can make us realize what we desire.