5 Interesting Science Projects for Class 8 Students

For most among us, there is a widespread opinion that the subject science loses its charm once we reach Class VIII. But this does not have to be like that as there are educator’s like Byju’s the learning app that showcases the untapped aspects of the subject in an interactive format where the lectures are in animated video modes that capture the attention of students those who want to know more on the subject of science.

The subject that used to enchant students turns to a tough nut to crack. Students are asked to understand and learn about different types of living organisms no matter whether it is simple or complex. In the due course, students get to learn about the formation of our planet and its structure etc. Projects or activities like this are aimed at testing the students on how much they have learned and what distance they need to travel to succeed. There are different science projects available for CBSE Class 8 students that you can go for. Check these small projects mentioned below would be helpful to fulfill this objective.

8th Class Science Project 1

What: To form clay models of different microorganisms related to Biology like amoebae, chlamydomonas and paramecium

Why: To learn about microorganisms like their adaptability to situations and being unicellular.

How: Ask your students to mould clay for microorganisms using items like plasticine, play dough and label their parts afterwards. After this task, display the items in the classroom while giving a chance to students to ask questions about the organism and answer them on a random basis.

Class 8th Project Two

What: Make a chart that would separate metals from non metals which is an important part of Chemistry.

Why: This would help students to know about all sorts of metals and non metals that are used by humans in this planet along with their uses.

How: Students could make a chart that would show the comparison of rare metals that are available at present (minimum 10 items) and non metals with the metals and non metals (minimum 10 items) that are available at plenty globally. To make it more interesting, students shall conduct a quiz where they could cross question themselves.

Science Project 3

What: To portray the history of fossil fuels using a timeline.

Why: Here we would be trying to know about fossil fuels like how they are formed, importance and uses, scarcity of these resources and the substitutes that could replace them.

How: Motivate students to design a graphical illustration of fossil fuel formation. This could be achieved by using paper cuttings and image collections having the description written below with a couple of sentences. After the completion of this project, you could conduct a discussion on the substitutes for fossil fuels and their merits for humans especially

Science Project 4 for 8th Class Student

What: To learn different types of natural events those are weather related (using group demonstrations).

Why: To know about different aspects of weather changes on our planet.

How: Split the class into different groups and name them after natural events like storm, cyclone etc. Let the students carry out some role play as natural phenomenon and show their harsh aspects and what to do to counter them. Students could discuss about the important natural events that happen in our country.

Science Project 5

What: Make a 3-d display model of an Animal cell.

Why: To understand the functions of an animal cell and how one unit cell in the multi cellular organism would function.

How: Let the students make a model of animal cell in a 3-d display format while labeling important parts of cells. Once the project is finished, the model shall be displayed to the school students to have a look at the work.

From the above discussion, you would have gained some idea on how the subject of science has been misconstrued as a complicated subject instead of it being a highly creative one. This has happened due to not applying creative projects that are easier to visualize and interactive that appeals to the students. Students can also go through their NCERT books if they are looking for small science projects. Hence it is advisable that students should be taught in a manner that engages their attention instead of following the conventional method of teaching.

SSC Exams in India : List, Eligibility, Application Process

SSC examinations are led crosswise over India consistently for the enrollment of various posts for Indian Government foundations. Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is in charge of the whole methodology of enrollment including examinations, individual meetings and so forth.

The SSC procedure the enlistments at non-specialized (gathering C), non-journal posts in Ministries/offices (amass D, subordinate workplaces of Government of India, CAG and the accountant general workplaces.

List of SSC Exams in India

  • SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level Examination)
  • SSC-JE (Junior Engineer CPWD examination)
  • CPO(SI) Examination (Central Police Organization (SI) Examination)
  • SSC CHSL Examination (Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination)
  • JT Examination (Junior Translator CSOL Examination)

Eligibility for SSC Exams

  • Graduate Level Examination-The qualification for this examination is graduation or identical in some other discipline.
  • Joined Matric Level Examination-The qualification for this examination is registration.
  • Joined Higher Secondary Level Examination-The qualification for this examination is twelfth class or identical in some other train.
  • As far as possible relies on upon various posts for showing up in SSC examination. Competitors can get finish data about it from the business new/Rozgar samachar. Be that as it may, the general age restrict for showing up SSC examination is 18 to 27 years (unwinding in age is accessible for saved competitors).
  • The instructive capability relies on upon various posts that for the most part change from tenth class to graduation level.

Application process for SSC Exams

  • The SSC Combined Graduate Preliminary Examination warnings delighted on yearly premise in the month of October in work new or in a portion of alternate daily papers of India. The intrigued competitors can apply through typewritten organize according to the proforma imprinted in the daily paper and after that it must be put together by enlisted post/speed post/UPC as it were.
  • The applicants who have qualified in the preparatory examination, they need to show up in the primary examination a short time later. The qualified hopefuls of principle examination will be need to show up for a meeting OR physical proficiency test.
  • The qualified hopefuls of Matric Level Main Examination need to clear an expertise trial of stenography. There are a few examinations which held independent and no preparatory examination is required, for example, Section Officers, Investigation and so forth.

So if you are an interested student to give the SCC exams go through the types, eligibility and start building your profile to achieve your dreams.

8 Destinations in India You Must Visit

India stands up with some stunning travel destinations particularly if we look beyond the commercialized spots. And to discover these mind-stirring landscapes and chilling spots with your best friend is the best thing.

1: Auli, Uttarakhand –

For friends who show signs of snow insanity!

This place in the Himalayas is a lesser acknowledged ski destination than Shimla, Manali or Gulmarg. Camping is unquestionably the best way to enjoy Auli with your partners in the middle of snow over a bonfire and some beer. A slightly less commercialized than further hill stations, Auli is solely an adventure spot for trekking and skiing fanatics.

2: Savandurga, Karnataka

For buddies who are in love with adventure!

This hill station is positioned 60km west of Bangalore, forming a component of the Deccan Plateau and is considered to be one of the biggest monoliths in Asia. This place is great for a backpacking trip with your best friends and to make the most of the forests, caves, marine sports and mountaineering activities present here.You can spend your night in Bangalore and book hotels from Nearbuy. While booking hotel from nearbuy you can use Nearbuy Coupons for getting decentsome discounts.

3: Lonavla, Maharashtra

For a spooky playtime until the crack of dawn!

A tiny hill station in the Pune district that has the repute of being eerie! This place calls for a night stay not just to enjoy the spooky experience and ambience of the place but also because it is one of the most gorgeous sunrise spots. ‘Aati kya Khandala’ can be finally taken into serious concern with Khandala lying nearby to Lonavla.

4: Hampi, Karnataka

Go with your ethnically inclined friends!

A must visit for all who are enthralled by ruins and an equally charismatic history. This little village with chronological temples all around provides a much desired serene and pretty getaway from the noise and pollution of the town. Words would not do justice to this striking place, which topped the charts for the ‘Most Searched Place in 2014 in Karnataka’.

5: Gangtok, Sikkim

When you have some mad friends, you can have a crazy time!

From duty free goods to duty free alcohol, the capital of Sikkim is one of the greatest places to chill with a crazy group of friends! This place has a bit to present to everyone – adventure enthusiasts who can go hiking nearby, shopping enthusiasts, environment lovers and even people who have come to merely chill and have fun. With abundant cafes, pubs, clubs and casinos, this may very well be a baby Las Vegas in India and a substitute to Goa!

6: Chail, Himachal Pradesh

A hiker’s paradise!

Placed near Shimla, Chail was the summer retreat for the Maharaja of Patiala during the British Raj. The Chail Palace is well known for its structural design and is tucked within the pine and deodar forests surrounding the area. Camping and trekking trips to Chail provide as an exquisite weekend getaway spot from Delhi! A hike to the world’s uppermost cricket ground is an alluring reward for all cricket fans!

7: Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

For friends who love the historic era

It is one of the most attractive yet underrated places in Rajasthan that falls on the way to Udaipur from Ajmer. The architectural design is very diverse from the inside, more or less like a maze and the sight from the top is purely breathtaking! To make things more fascinating, this place also produces saris from the plants of bananas, custard apples and other such plants!

8: Phawngpui, Mizoram

For those who love mountains

Phawngpui is famous as the Blue Mountain of Mizoram, and is the highest mountain peak in Mizoram and renowned for orchids and rhododendrons. The Phawngpui peak has some magnificent trees and colorful flowers which offers an enchanted view of the blue hazed hills.

4 Innovative Digital Marketing Techniques to heat up Real Estate!

Real Estate in India is on rise and hence the competition is also 22609c146459e9ea2b0cf3ed004306eeheating up.  What it takes to survive in this market is an awesome team. Your Marketers, Builders, Designers, Salesperson and everyone else. To begin with, you need to have an online presence these days. But you’ve already been doing all the basic stuff- linkedIn, facebook, Twittter, yada, yada….So, to stay ahead, have a look at following techniques:

  1. Virtual Tour-homes: With the advent of Google Cardboard in India, this techniques is really expected to be the future.  This addresses the common problem of customers not able to make time to do site-visits. Understandably so, it is a costly and time-consuming affair. But if Muhammad can’t go to the mountain, the mountain must go to Muhammad, rite? What if the customer can have a virtual tour of the site sitting comfortably on his couch at home? You heard that right. Google glasses and card- boards and the excellent video shooting devices these days make it possible. A sales assistant at site can use the google glass and can communicate with as much as 9 clients at a same time, each at his own place. The virtual tour-home is a real-time interactive tour in which you can ask questions in real time, take the view from the balcony, switch on the fans and light, turn on the tap faucets , etc. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Chat-Bot: Facebook Messenger recently launched its Chatbot feature allowing companies to have a  24*7 online presence using an online virtual assistant, like Siri. The chatbot works using the artificial Intelligence coded by the company. Many platforms are available to do so. You just put in questions and answers that you want to send to the client. The benefits are huge, as chatbot can act as the virtual sales tele-assistant working round the clock addressing all the common customer queries regarding the upcoming projects, locations, sizes, prices, features, contacts, etc for the real-estate.
  3. QR Hardtagging: Yes, you guessed it right. The tiny looking QR code has immense powers in space of Digital Marketing. What if you give these QR codes in say newspapers and magazines or on door-pamphlets, and on scanning through any mobile reader, it triggers a youtube video wherein you can demonstrate your upcoming projects or any of your advertisements? Many companies in various sectors are already using it, why not real estate? You could also trigger educational videos as to how to transform the look of your home or how to arrange furniture so as to maximize the space utilisation, all the while promoting yourself.
  4. Customer Co-creation:  As of now the idea seems a little ambitious, but the possibilities are endless. What if a customer wants to have a room of  a particular size, a wall of a particular colour or a door of a particular material? Currently, this is done manually, but why can’t we have a software or a mobile app that allows this changes to be made by customer in his existing building plan, play around with it and see the look of it in real-time? Currently, some companies are already using it at a small-scale but the future holds larger prospects. Also, can there be an app that tells you the amount of light you will receive, the space utilization, the privacy you will get in your house with these alterations? That would be great.


Hope you implement these techniques and benefit at your horizons!

Reliance Jio 4G : The Brilliant Business Plan of Mukesh Ambani


September 1st 2016 will be remembered as the Day when Reliance Launched its much anticipated Jio 4G  and how it disrupted the Indian telecom market,for the 2nd time.With a hope for building a Powerhouse of Internet connectivity and the Vision of Digital India,Mukesh Ambani has launched,which many call,a ₹15,000 Cr Startup,though it has left many in excitement,awe and uncertainty at the model of Reliance Jio and how will it print profit in the balance sheets.


And i have tried to explain the whole Reliance Jio system from its roots and answer the questions which many of you may have regarding its service.But first,

The Cell Shock of 2002

What started as a dinner table conversation between Dhirubhai and Mukesh Ambani,converted into a major disruption in the telecom sector.Though not primarily by Reliance telecom,but maybe because of the effect of Reliance,incoming calls were made free which were previously charged very heftily.With a slogan of “Karlo duniya mutthi mein”,Mukesh Ambani spearheaded the whole plan after the demise of Dhirubhai and with a dream of a mobile phone in everyone’s pocket

But then why is Reliance Comm. not a Major player today ?

Because after Dhirubhai Ambani passed away in 2002,there was a major split between Anil and Mukesh Ambani as to who will get what of the gigantic pie named Reliance.The dispute ended in 2005,with Mukesh getting oil and gas, petrochemicals, refining and manufacturing while Anil took reign over electricity, telecoms and financial services.So,Reliance telecom,which was a brainchild of Mukesh Ambani was handed over to Anil along with non-compete between them.

How Jio was created

In June 2010,just after the non-compete was waived off,Mukesh bought around 95% stake in Infotel Broadband Services for Rs 4,800 crore.They renamed it to Jio and charted a plan to roll out an only 4G network.During the 4G spectrum sale it won rights to all the 22 circles,the only company to have a pan india presence.

Then,following what he did prior to 2002,Mukesh Ambani started laying optical fiber connections throughout India.They laid more than 2,50,000 KM’s of Fiber optic cable of 96 – 288 fibers along with 1 lakh 4G Towers[See this].Their cables are ready for 5G and 6G while other companies are still struggling to upgrade from 2G/3G to 4G.

So how will it impact Indian Telecom and especially you

Now,there are many benefits,but the main,and rather unknown of are :

1.) As they have presence in all states and because they have laid their own cables,they don’t need to pay some other company to allocate them space.This results in more freedom to the network which is passed on to the customer.Moreover,they have only 4G cables,hence you will not get reduced speed as you might have faced while using 3G of other networks(but that might mean that where there is no 4G,there is no connection,yikes).

2.) Currently,tough Jio 4G network is available in 40% of India,they plan to lay it out to nearly 70% till their main commercial launch,which is on 1st January 2017,and then to almost entire India by 2018.They surely seem ambitious,but with the manpower and money power they have invested in this project,i don’t think they will lose out in this race because they didn’t have enough towers.So,they will,in my opinion be India’s largest network and billboard featuring them as “India’s largest 4G Network”

3.) Now,not a huge technological impact,but certainly a different approach towards mushrooming the towers..Reliance Jio is erecting Towers which look like trees and hence blend with the surroundings and also don’t harm the aesthetic beauty of the place.



Okay,that’s fine.But will i get 4G really at ₹50/GB ?

Well,that one thing was a marketing tactic by Reliance Jio,is what i think.If you look at the image below,where all of their plans are shown,

  • The cheapest plan of Rs 149/month gives 300/Month and the next plan gives 4 GB/month for Rs 499,which works out to be roughly Rs 125.
  • Also,the plans which are on the higher end of the spectrum(no pun intended),is at Rs 3999 for 60 GB and Rs 4999 for 75GB,which work out to be nearly Rs 66/GB.So no plan here is offering a GB of 4G at Rs 50.

reliance jio 4G price plan
So,then why did they advertise at Rs 50,if they are not going to provide it.Well,it actually turns out that with the plan of say Rs 499 ,you get 8 GB of free WiFi(they say as JioNet),so it turns out to be 4GB + 8GB,so 12 GB for Rs 499 which is around Rs 42/GB.

The Fineprints

Okay so there are somethings you should keep in mind regarding Jio.

1.) The validity of the packs is 28 days.Which means yo don’t get the 4G for a full month,which is of 30 or 31 days,but only 28 days.And it might not seem as a big deal,but in fact because of those 2-3 days,you end up paying for 13 months in a year instead of 12 months.Think for yourself.

2.) Many people got excited because Jio tariff card mentions night unlimited for all their plans.But turns out the consider the Night from 2AM – 5AM.So,unless you are nocturnal,this free deal will taste bitter to you.

3.) And Jio says that Calls are free.Nope,Voice calls are free.In fact,you cant make a call from Jio 4G.And by that i mean that on 4G when you will call,it wont be a normal call,it will be VoLTE(Voice over LTE).In simpler terms ,now even your normal call will be through Internet,hust like Whatsapp call.So,when you will talk over phone,you will spend data.

But now Jio has clarified that the data used by Voice calls won’t be included in the plan.Hence there is no limit for the data used by Voice call.

Okay,so how will Reliance Jio make money ? What is their Business plan ?

So,finally coming to the question,why is this all so low cost and most things free.It sounds too good to be true right ? Well,it kind of is and isn’t.But to understand that,just think for yourself,how much amount of money do you spend on your phone including call+ data.Now,i don’t know about you,but according to telecom companies data,an average person spends around Rs 150/month on his mobile phone bill.Which means that companies get Rs 15o per customer per month(which technically called as ARPU) So,

Data :  Now again refer the table above and you will notice that the cheapest plan is of Rs 149,so even if you are starting at the smallest plan,you are spending what an average customer is spending today on his phone bill.But that plan obviously wont suffice your needs and you will then look at the second cheapest plan which is of Rs 499(notice the tree fold jump).

So now,instead of you,assuming an average customer, spending around Rs 150,is spending Rs 499 and by this Jio has increased its ARPU,hence more money in their pockets.Of course the benefits which you are getting are also worth the price increase.

Jio Apps : Reliance Jio also has 8 premium applications which you can use along with your free 4G.What’s more,they are free till 1st January 2018.And these apps are supposed to replace apps like Netflix,Hotstar,Spotify,gaana,etc.

But after the completion of the free period i.e. after 1st jan 2018,these apps cost Rs 15000/month.And till then you will be addicted tho them so that you will shell out that money without thinking twice.

Small Plans : They also have rs 19,29 and 129 plans but they are not worth much once you see that they provide much less value,eg. The 129 plan gives just 2GB net and validity is also 21 days.So,this is a psychological trick to make you spend more and hence become a regular paying customer instead of one time recharge customer.

So this is how they will print PROFIT on the balance sheets.And i am not touching their LYF phones and the profits from them as well as the Hotspot service.

And this wraps up the article.I think that this was a very bold move by Reliance but which was needed very much.Indian Telcos were without much competition on the price front and this literally meant that customer had no way to go because all companies had plans offering same data at more or less the same price.

There are still many questions left to be answered as how will they provide customer service,how will they lay out the groundwork for the nation wide network.Sure Reliance did it in 2002 and worked it quite well,but you know what is more difficult than creating history ? Repeating it.

Do write in the comments below what you think of this Ambitious plan of Jio.Will they pull it off in style or will it end it as a Gimmick.I am waiting for your answers.
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Samsung Galaxy S7 v/s LG G5 – Ultimate Showdown

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5

Samsung is world’s best Smartphone manufacturing company and this year they did something unusual as they launched two flagship devices, the recently launched Samsung Note 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7.  Samsung Galaxy S7 is known for its performance and the camera. Speaking of camera, LG also launched their flagship device this year called the LG G5.

LG has literally changed his vision with the launch of this LG G5 by making this Smartphone an absolute brilliance. LG G5 is amazing and probably one of the best (if not the best) mobiles of 2016 for sure. Its modular design affect has taken the global Smartphone market by storm, and that’s why the Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5 is quite exciting to read.



Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5Being the flagship devices, they both fall under the same category so let’s see how they compare against each other. Here we will try to decode the features and functionalities of both the devices and see which one should you go after if you are on the verge of purchasing a high end Smartphone.


Samsung has gone for a lot of premium materials this time and have made the S7 a cracking phone not only to use but to hold as well as they have curved the glass back of the S7. This makes the S7 lighter and also one of the best phones to hold in the hand. The LG G5 also has some premium materials and is made up of mostly metal. G5 have a curved glass screen on the top which doesn’t really do anything but just looks a bit different. Overall, LG G5 is a great looking device but nothing when compared to the Samsung S7.


Both the devices have great cameras but again, the S7 beats the G5 in this. However, it is worth noting that LG G5 has a 16 MP shooter when compared to the 12 MP cameras in the S7 but the hardware and software of the S7 makes its camera a great shooter. LG G5 has a good camera as well but it doesn’t stand a chance against the S7. The Galaxy S7 has a 5 MP front shooter whereas the LG G5 has a 8 MP camera but the front camera performance is same in both of the devices.


Samsung Galaxy S7 is the pinnacle of the technology and it proves it in the performance round. LG G5 is not far away but still it is behind because of its User Interface. Both the devices are powered by Snapdragon 820 Processors and a 4 GB RAM but the LG G5 is a 2.1 GHz processor where as the S7 is clocked at 1.6 GHz processor.

Display and Battery

Samsung has fitted a qHD AMOLED display in the Galaxy S7 which can be measured at 5.1 inches which makes it an easy to operate device. On the other hand, LG G5 also has a qHD AMOLED Display but it is slightly bigger than the Galaxy S7 at 5.3 inches. Battery backup on the S7 is brilliant because of its 1.6 GHz processor but LG G5 has a decent battery life because of its over clocked processor.


The prices for the Galaxy S7 start from Rs. 48,500 and will climb up to 56,000 for the Edge model whereas you can get your hands on a LG G5 at just Rs. 41,500.

To conclude we can say that Samsung has not changed much in its Galaxy S7 model compared to its last flagship device, where LG has gone too far with its LG G5 device by adding lots of out of the box features and innovations. However, the Galaxy S7 device is having an enhanced water and dust resistance feature which is making this device better than all of its contemporaries. On the other hand LG is definitely winning some points thanks to its innovative approach and revolutionary design change. So you can go for LG G5 if you love innovation or you can opt for Galaxy S7 if style and elegance is your forte. Choice is up to you and you only.

We are sure that Galaxy S7 and LG G5 will rule the Android Smartphone market, until the next flagships Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 hits the market.

Difference between Ghazal and Nazm in Urdu

difference ghazal nazm urdu

Urdu Poetry is associated with the lyric poetry and tradition. There are numerous forms of Urdu poetry and two of them are Ghazal and Nazm. They both are the foundation of the Urdu Poetry. All the Urdu poetry forms are used as a feeling of expression by the writer.

It is being said that the Ghazal is the heart of the Urdu Poetry tradition. Despite the various variations between a Ghazal and a Nazm, the major difference between the two is that the Ghazals are subjective while the Nazms are objective in nature. Many people are not aware of the fact that the Urdu Poetry is only shaped for a Ghazal and a Nazm.

difference ghazal nazm urdu
Being objective in nature, a person has to fully go through the Nazm in order to understand its meaning because throughout the flow it is written in the same theme. On another hand, all the verses of a Ghazal have their own theme and thus, a reader can easily understand the meaning of it. There is no specific theme of a Ghazal.
Nazm is also known as ‘Geet’ which is considered to be a logically developing poem where every verse serves its own purpose or theme. On other hand, Ghazal means ‘talking to women’, which means praising a woman through poetry. A Ghazal is a collection of couplets where each of them is completely different and unrelated to each other, yet are complete individually.

The twin deities who preside over the Ghazal are Bachhus and Eros whose influence has made a Ghazal as a passionate, expressive, longing and an emotional desire. So, Ghazal and Nazm have quite differences and there are numerous people who when to develop an interest in reading or knowing more about Urdu poetry, often gets confused between these two poetry forms.

Both, Ghazal and Nazm are the meaningful and a polite Urdu poetry forms but have some common differences.
Apart from the nature of Ghazal and Nazm, another difference between the two is their size where Ghazal is a combination of short poems which includes 9 to 10 verses with minimum five couplets written in the same meter. On the other hand, Nazm doesn’t follow any rules for the rhyming scheme as well as the length and thus, it contains multiple paragraphs depending on the content and the writer.

In terms of restrictions, a Ghazal has two restrictions, a first verse, Matla and the last verse, Maqta. On the other hand, there is no restriction while writing a Nazm. Maqta means pen name, which is used at the last in a Ghazal whereas, in Nazm, the writer can use his pen name anywhere between the lines.

A Ghazal cannot be divided into the categories, but a Nazm can be subdivided according to the topics and the themes. The three sub-categories of a Nazm include Masnavi, Qasida, and Marsia.

All in all, we can say that a Ghazal and a Nazm are two corners of Urdu Poetry which binds all the other forms together.

BabyLiss Pro Nano Straightening Iron – Let’s Make it Straight

Back in the day, I remember all of the natural-straight haired girls spending  a fortune on the latest and greatest curling irons. Now, times have changed as the curly-haired girls are on the lookout for the best straightening iron or the best hair straightening brush.

What makes a straightening iron “the best” anyways?

Titanium – I’m listing this one, because I personally love titanium straighteners. Titanium is the safest metal plates you can use today and honestly, I believe they do a good job at straightening the hair, without burning it (no one likes the smell of burnt hair, especially when it’s your own). Take note that Titanium isn’t great for all hair types – if you have delicate hair, it might not do good for you.

Tourmaline – For those of you that have super thin/fine hair, then a straightening iron that has a tourmaline plate would be the best option. These straighteners can be used at lower heat, without lowering the quality.

Longer Plates – Do you know what longer plates mean? It means you will be able to cover more of your hair. Mind you, you’re not going to be able to take ALL of your hair and do it all at one time, but longer plates do make it so that you can cover more of your hair.

Lightweight – Lightweight, because who wants to have to hold a heavy straightening iron?

Safety – This should always be your main concern, especially when your hair is involved.

While doing research and trying to find the best hair straightener that would suit me, I came across the BaBylissPro Nano straightening iron. Today, I would like to introduce you to it, so that you can decide whether or not it will be a good option for you.

Introducing the BaBylissPro Nano Straightening Iron

The BaBylissPro Nano straightening iron is made of titanium, which is one of the reasons I decided to tell you about it. Titanium plates, in many people’s eyes, will do better than ceramic plates. Did you know that some companies advertise ceramic plates, but some of them are just metal (yes, you hear me correctly, metal) that is coated with a hint of ceramic? With the BabylissPro iron, you have pure titanium here – it doesn’t have any non-metallic type covering.

The problem with using metal irons is the fact that it burns your hair – if you don’t want burned hair, go for titanium.

Nano Titanium is a great heat conductor. It is capable of maintaining high temperatures, consistently, as it’s emitting negative ions. This not only makes for faster straightening, but it also seals the natural moisture into the hair shafts.

Five-Inch Long Plates – The BabylissPro Nano Titanium straightener has plates that are five inches long, which is above standard. As I said in the paragraphs above, when you have longer plates, you will be able to cover more hair.

Different Sizes – This straightener is available in different sizes. You can choose between 1-inch to 1.5 inches. If you’re looking to use it to curl your hair from time to time, then you may want to go with the 1-inch option, because this will make for tighter curls. However, if you have super long hair, you may want to opt for the 1.5 inches.

The Temperature – This iron can reach up to 450 degrees F.

A Sleek Design – The ergonomic design makes it so that your hands don’t hurt as you’re styling your hair.  The smooth plates allows the tool to glide right through your hair.

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What others are Saying

At the time of writing this review, on Amazon, there was a total of 1,529 reviewers. This product received 4.0 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. Looking through and finding phrases such as “this is the best hair straightener I have ever purchased” and “I love this flat iron,” it becomes apparent that many people enjoy it.


Would I recommend this straightener to my closest friends? Of course I would, or I wouldn’t be recommending it to you right now! f you’re looking for a good straightening iron that has longer than normal plates, is safe to use, has a nice ergonomic design and is made of nano titanium, then the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium straightener might just be a viable option for you.

How to make Love relationship more Wonderful?

happy couple black white hugging back cuddling

If you are in relationship with someone and feeling some bored in your relation and want to know how to make better relations with your husband, wife or lover then here we are giving some good solutions for making your love life amazing.

Most of the time we have seen that in starting of the relation both the persons feel very happy and live life very romantically, but when the time passes slowly relation becomes cold and sometime there is bored feelings and little bit hate also with your partner because of so many reasons.

We are sharing some of the most effective ways which can make your love relation more strong and can remove any hate type of feelings and avoid bored thoughts also. You can read all the ways which can help you to make better relations.

happy couple black white hugging back cuddling

Impressive ways are here

1 – Understand your partner first

We have seen one very common problem in many relations that you think about yourself more as compare to your partner and this is really a very big issue which cause breaking relationships.

So you have to think about your partner’s wishes first and then yours, in this way your partner can consider you as great heart person and this thing will make your nice reputation in heart of your lover partner.

2 – Be sincere

You should be responsible for care happiness and confortable time spend of your husband or wife and always take care of your partner’s happiness, every person in this world like sincere and responsible peoples and wants to be with them always.

I would like to suggest you always for taking every word or wish of your lover seriously and your this habit will present you as good sincere person for your relations.

3 – Remember to wish every day

Wishing plays really important role in our romantic life and we should always wish our partner in morning and night time and on some big days of life birthday, valentine day, marriage anniversaries etc.

4 – Share your thoughts

Friends hiding the love is not good always and if you have some great feelings for your romance partner then you must share your love related views to your partner and this thing always works effectively for making the relation stronger.

At the suitable timing you should start sharing your romantic thoughts to your partner to express about the views which are in your heart and which are essential becoming close to your partner. You can find interesting romantic thoughts in Hindi with image on many good websites.

5 – Arrange meeting at different time

If you want to meet your partner at very interesting when your lover feels more comfortable then for doing so first you have to invite him or her for dinner, lunch or evening time and then observe on which time he or she feels happier and this is the way to know most suitable time to meet your lover.

Candle light dinner is very commonly popular time and moment when you have peaceful time to spend with your partner in life.

6 – Use social media

Social media networks are really good medium to spread your love thoughts and feelings with images which are eye catching and can grab attention of your lover also. Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp are in high trend for sharing good status lines and love messages with pictures also which are able to generate fresh love feelings with many different angles. Thanks.

How Youth can help Rediscover India

Role of youth india devloping

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Franklin D. Roosevelt”]We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. [/pullquote]The strength of any nation is measured by how powerful the youths of that nation are. Youth is the main driving force behind the success story of any country.

The major need for a developing country to rise out from adversity is Manpower which is very scarce currently. Be it industry, agriculture, academics or government divisions, all of these need sound people for the efficient performance of their fields. And only youths are the substitution to these. The world is growing bigger and smaller at the same time. Bigger in context of infrastructural developments, technological advancements, economy rise, space explorations and smaller in context of easy availability of matter, faster accessibility to information, quicker transportation facilities, improved health security. All these things are directly or indirectly connected with the hard work put in by the youth of the particular nation.

Role of youth india devloping

The youths of 21st century are highly advanced in their intellectual as well as subject knowledge. Profound use of internetand social media has made the task even easier as compared to the work methodology of our forefathers. The co-ordination for any particular work, faster communication of ideas and understanding of issues is increased because of similar minds uniting for a single cause and working as a team. The use of technology in the correct way has made a greater impact. The youths get a great exposure of the stuff happening around the globe and that increases their decision making capacity, logical thinking and concern about the fate of their nation. This helps them and the country to make a noteworthy rise in the future to come.

For a human, there are 3 major stages of life- Childhood, Adolescence and Old Age. Majority of the childhood part is spent in growing and learning the basics; the old age is mere a memory movie of the past decades spent during one’s life and when the particular person has no any leftover energy, ideas and desire to do anything. But the most important of all is the Adolescence aka Youth. At that point of time, there is abundance of energy, enthusiasm, ideas, skills, passion and self-confidence. No matter how hard the work maybe, there is always that spark from within which inspires and motivates continuously to strive for excellence and achieve that which is impossible. This is what is needed for the country to move from developing to a developed one.


As a youth, he/she has energy, time and money. 3 out of the 4 necessary things to bring a revolutionary change are available. The 4th one being Wisdom. This one can only be made available by providing them with proper guidance. But, lack of guidance is an urgent issue. Quite a big number of youths are ruining their lives just because no one was available to guide them further or show them the difference between the wrong and right paths. Addictions, wrong company and disregarding the adults turns their fate. If these valuable resources are taken care of can create wonders and result into great victories. Today’s world completely runs on competition. What others have achieved and what we have yet to achieve is all that counts. Under such a scenario, the developing countries have a greater chance of becoming a developed country and thereby create a milestone.

[pullquote align=”cen” cite=” -अज्ञात”]जो पर्वतो से टकराए उसे तूफान कहते है, और जो तूफानोंसे टकराए उसे युवान कहते है | [/pullquote]

(That who clashes with the Mountains is called Hurricane,

And that who clashes with the Hurricane is called Youth.


Image credits : Rediff

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