World Environment Day-What have you done..??

This Environment Day Bless Mother Earth

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. Ever-since it is celebrated every year – to increase environmental awareness and taking corrective action.

As the evolution of Mother Earth is accelerating, so are the physical changes. There is hardly a week going by without the news of another natural disaster as well as acts of terrorism, crime, military conflicts, poverty etc. At this time Mother Earth needs tremendous amount of blessings, healing and protection. This Environment Day, join us in the rejuvenation and revitalization of Mother Earth through The Great Invocation Prayer!


The Great Invocation is a world prayer to bring Divine Love, Light and Power to our planet. It is a powerful instrument to aid the ‘Plan of God’ find full expression on Earth. To use it is an act of service to humanity and Mother Earth. The Great Invocation, recited with humility and reverence – releases and harmonizes the Light, Love and Will aspect of God manifested through Humanity. By means of Invocation, Prayer and Meditation – Divine Energies can be released and brought down to Planet Earth. Men and women of goodwill of many faiths and nations can join together in world service, bringing spiritual value and strength to a troubled world.

When the Great Invocation is sounded daily, with deep concentration and sincere intention, great blessings are presented to us all. Individually, our relationships improve, our efficiency increases, and our whole life prospers. Humanity is liberated from materialism and selfishness, from hypocrisy and hatred, and receives new understandings and an increased feeling of the unity of all people, thus transforming all mankind. The karmic encounters would move out faster through your life than normally. For example, something that has a karmic life of three years may be reduced to three weeks, three days or three hours. The Great Invocation is calling upon the Masters to release the karmic connotations of your life and your life’s encounters. By doing the invocation daily you will shorten the span of karmic entanglements and enhance the quality of your life with the help of transmission of energies coming from the Masters.

Some of the other benefits include:

1. Harmonization of physical and spiritual changes of Mother Earth

2. Global peace, harmony, healing and protection

3. Individual healing and protection

4. Cultivation of the powers of the Soul

5. Elimination of bad habits of feeling and negative thought

6. Adequate food, water, clothing and housing for all people

7. Blessings of the areas of the world affected by natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, landslides, fires, droughts, tsunamis, hurricanes

8. Blessings those suffering from man-made hardships – wars, crimes, terrorism

Do a Great Invocation Prayer everyday and become an instrument to bring the energies of Divine Light, Love & Power to Mother Earth to further maximize the opportunity for deeper peace, healing and purification.

Once you do a recital, press the “Bless” button below the Earth Image to register a prayer count.

Earth’s Future is in Our Hands – Bless Mother Earth !!!

At – every prayer counts.

Exchange for a litre Petrol

At the stroke of the midnight hour, when most people were asleep, petrol prices awoke to a new high, and were hiked by Rs. 7.5 per litre. Over the past two years, they have been acting like the children of Osama Bin Laden in his prime: constantly increasing. Many people are awaiting with dread the day when prices will reach the magic figure of Rs. 100 per litre.

I personally think that a small figure like Rs. 100 per litre is aiming too low. After all, who would ever have thought that petrol prices would one day beat beer? Here is a list of a few price milestones that the Governments of India should strive to reach in the future. At the rate we’re going, I think we can cross even the last milestone in a few years. Yes, we can!

1. Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 – Ice Cream family pack: A typical ice cream 1 litre family pack costs Rs 150 if you go for a conventional flavour like chocolate or butterscotch. If you want nuts or chocolate chips in your ice cream, you may have to fork out Rs. 200. If you like high end brands, you’ll have to pay even more. Be that as it may, petrol must – and will – soon overcome ice cream to be taken seriously as a luxury.

2. Rs. 300 – Fake gangajal: This is a product that is only known to those who have gone to the Himalayas for a pleasure trip, bearing with them instructions from all their elderly relatives to bring back enough gangajal to wash away the whole family’s sins. Of course, these things are sometimes forgotten on pleasure trips. Only when you get back home do you remember, and then you go in search of fake gangajal. And this saves your life. This interesting liquid retails at around Rs. 300 depending on how authentic you want it to be. But for petrol, it is just another milestone.

3. Rs. 600 – Deodorant: A normal deodorant might cost Rs. 100 for a 150 mL bottle, or about Rs. 600 per litre. When petrol prices beat deodorant prices, we can expect to see people do without deodorant, and then we will all die of holding our breath during summer. Either that or the human race will evolve to a form without noses at all.

4. Rs. 1000 – Nirupa Roy’s tears: This, of course, is based purely on guesswork. We guess that Nirupa Roy was paid Rs. 50,000 for her performance in Deewar. Assume she spent 50 minutes prominently featured on screen. Assume she cried 1 litre of tears per minute (an accurate estimate; she was the reason the term ‘crying buckets’ came into being). This would mean 1 litre of her tears earned her Rs. 1000, and will represent a noble landmark, indeed, for petrol prices as they try to complete their first millenium.

5. Rs. 1000 – Moisturiser: Even a low end brand of moisturiser might cost about Rs. 1000 per litre. Once petrol gets to this price level, people will choose transport over moisture, and we will all be great candidates to star in any Ramsay Brothers film with monsters who have skin constantly peeling off their bodies.

6. Rs. 1500 – Blood: This represents the final frontier for petrol prices. On the grand day when they surpass even that liquid which flows in our veins, our world will change. People will donate blood in exchange for petrol. WWE wrestlers and movie stuntmen will be arrested when they try to trade tomato juice for diesel. A new blood group – P+, which stands for ‘give me petrol instead of blood’ – will be added. And the famous quotation ‘Give me blood and I will give you freedom’ won’t sound so grand any more.

How Hockey lost its Sheen to Cricket

Lets read a some headlines of newspapers  in a span of time

1936 :- Major Dhyanchand scores 3 goals and thus India wins its 3rd consecutive Olympic gold medal.

1956:- Indian Hockey team wins its 6th gold medal in Olympics.

 1979 :- Major Dhyanchand dies in AIIMS hospital un attented.World loses the wizard of Hockey.

2008:- Indian Hockey team does not even qualify for beijing Olympics.

2011 : Government raises questions as to why Major Dhyanchand should be awarded a Bharat Ratna.

This set of news tells the whole story that if the greatest player of world hockey shares this plight ,what sho8uld national level players expect.Well now the condition has worsen.

The players’ rebellion that recently crippled the national hockey camp for the World Cup is the real reflection of the state of Indian hockey. Players’ camps are like dormant volcanoes waiting to explode. Not only pending wages and promised incentives, senior stars were upset that the bigwigs were playing havoc with the life and careers of many players like the blinded goalkeeper, Baljeet Singh.

Hit by a golf ball in the eye during a training camp in Pune, Baljeet’s international career is on hold. The goalkeeper, who was India’s No. 1 till he lost vision ahead of the tour of Europe last year, is a classic example of official apathy and lack of governance.

Indian hockey Started in almost 1920.After this India was champion for
almost next 3 decades and had won 5 Olympic gold in a row.But the Indian stranglehold
over the Olympic gold came to an end when Pakistan defeated India in the final of 1960
Rome Olympics.Since then the team has not got any considerable success.As a result the
popularity of the game has decreased and today Indian hockey has reached its nadir.

The reason for the collapsing of the  game is not only the lack of talent in the  players,but also the emergence of the other  competitive teams like  Pakistan,Germany,Australia,etc.The other  reasons are: less coverage of the game by  media,it has become a game for a few  Indians.The game is also linked with  regionalism in between as the maximum  number of the players of the team belonged to  Punjab and Haryana. The ill-administration and politics are also the  reasons for the downfall of the sport.

When Indian hockey team was not performing well,it was the Indian cricket team doing good for the nation by not only winning several series but also becoming the number one team of the world.The people were automatically attracted towards the cricket.The cricket team was more strong,there were several advertisements made for its popularity,it started generating more revenue than hockey,there was a lot of media attention given to the game considering its popularity and the game got several sponsors unlike the Indian hockey team.
In India there is no other sport as hyped
as cricket.On top of it the involvement of the
famous faces of bollywood has made it more
glamorous.Though the celebrities are also
showing their involvement in hockey but it is
not enough.For instance,before the World Cup
earlier this year,there was an advertisement by
Hero Honda-“fir dil do hockey ko,hero honda
dhak dhak go”.In this ad,celebrities were
used.But the sad part was even the cricketers
were used to promote the game.But it is not
the same in case of cricket.Hockey players are
never used because people hardly know them
moreover cricket does not require much
advertisements as it is already hyped.
Hockey federation or the governing body has always failed to capitalize the situation and gather enough funds to provide infrastructure for the players, as infamously said even cows are ashamed of grazing on grounds our players get to play. Deep rooted corruption has charred the system and barred progress of the sport, recent K.P.S Gill- Jyothikumaran incident has left the game tottering on the verge of extinction in this country. Lack of encouragement and opportunities has evaded the eligible to take up hockey as a career option; moreover incidents like the 1982 Asian Games Final has dilapidated the situation. India’s 1-7 loss to Pakistan was treated with humiliation and then goal keeper Mir Ranjan Negi was clamored with criticism, in an interview with journalist Anand Philar after the event Negi expressed his anguish (excerpts of that interview: “Everywhere I went, I was abused by the public”). In those days no loss on the cricket field might have moved us in a similar manner. The reason for this lies in the fact that Hockey, more than any other game, was deeply etched in the Indian culture.
Unlike other sports, Hockey has a glorious past in India and basking on this glory has plagued the system with complacency. Who is responsible for this state of the sport? Should the government intervene as this is a national sport? Would a capable administration be sufficient to resurrect the situation? Answers to these questions may not suffice; a complete overhaul should be the mandate. Every aspect of the game involving infrastructure, selection process, fees and funds, coaching and non-coaching staff etc have to be upgraded to world-class level. Non-government run non-political federation, like Cricket’s BCCI, with a proper agenda and principles is the first pre-requisite, incentives and handsomely paying jobs are the minimal needs for a player, capable coaching and non-coaching staff marks the difference between winning and losing, and last but the most crucial element being sponsorship and media coverage. A conglomeration of all these factors can return Indian hockey to the pinnacle.
But now hopes have risen again,because Indian Hockey team has qualified for the 2012 London Olympics.Lets see If Hockey revives its past and pays a tribute to all of the Indian Hockey Superstars and also break the drought of 30 years of a gold medal. 

Practical tips to reduce BSNL broadband usage for limited bandwidth plans

Most BSNL broadband plans are limited ones, which means that you’re provided limited bandwidth for use. Once your usage increases and goes past the free limit, additional amount is charged. So, a plan of Rs500 with 2Gb on offer can pluck over a thousand rupee from your pocket.
By properly using the given bandwidth, we can significantly reduce BSNL broadband usage.
Here are some detailed instructions and tweaks to achieve this,practically
1.)Select a good BSNL broadband plan: As famously said ‘Prevention is better than cure‘, so its better to go with an unlimited plan if you have to do bulk downloads. For simple browsing, the plan of Rs 700 is one you can opt for. It provides 4 Gb data transfer at a staggering speed of 2Mbps. Switching BNL broadband plans is not a headache, you just neeed to push an application and it would get changed instantly. New plan would come into affect from new month.
2.)USE OPERA BROWSER : if you have used opera on your mobile,u must have seen the data usage tab ant the savings applies on your computer too.Opera on computer provides a TURBO facility.Yes it might reduce your speed a bit ,but whoa it saves almost 60% of the Mbs. so practically you can use almost double every month.
3.)Switch off automatic updates: Updating windows and antivirus consumes a big share of your allotted free data transfer limit. A single update can churn up-to 50 Mbps which means that you’ll finish-off your 2Gb bandwidth within 20 days if automatic updates are ‘ON’.
Best practice to reduce BSNL broadband usage is to switch-off windows update forever and update antivirus at the end of the month when you have some bandwidth remaining.
4.)No/Limited Downloads: Downloading movies and softwares is great when you’re online, but this must be kept in check otherwise your usage would sneak past your nose. Watching online movies and videos must be avoided too. Video streaming of data eats big share of the allotted bandwidth for BSNL broadband. Movie and software downloads must be restricted, or only be done between 2am and 8pm when most limited plans are free to use. During night, internet speed is at its peak.And unlike other providers,BSNL does not reduce your speed in UNLIMITED USAGE time. Thumbs up.
5.) Use ADBlock Plus : It is an extension in chrome and firefox which cuts the ads on the website. toay almost all websites have heavy flash of image ads. which eat your bandwith(unlike this,its a clean one).This simply stops those irritating matrimonial or wallpaper ads which eat up your usage.
Other extensions are also available and they all are free.

a) FlashBlock Extension: It blocks the pop up ads which open up in sites like etc.

b) Imglikeopera Extension: It load the images from cache instead of downloading it everytime. It helps very much in sites like orkut, facebook etc.
6.) Use proxy tunneling software : I will not recommend this but if you want to surf internet totally free without spending a penny,you might like this option.But hey,then why don’t i like this.,well it reduces your speed from 2Mbps to 64 Kbps or even less.
there are many such software available like your freedom,etc but i personally don’t like them.
7.)Never leave laptop/cmputer with internet connectivity for long: Most of us don’t know but BSNL broadband usage includes all the data transferred to and fro between server and the computer, which means that all data sent and received by your computer counts in bandwidth used. So, if a computer is rendered for longer time then data transfer, though small, but would still continue.By switching off modem we can highly reduce BSNL broadband usage.
Other stuff to reduce BSNL broadband usage:
Certain misconception have also contributed in higher broadband usage for some users. Here are some things that must be clearly understood before getting-on with a BSNL broadband plan,
  1. A common perception of people while watch a YouTube video is that they haven’t downloaded anything, so their bandwidth isn’t consumed at all or just consumed a bit. This isn’t true. In fact, web-browser buffers/downloads the video before you watch it. So the video is actually downloading onto your computer but on temporary basis.
  2. The other misconception is that people think of BSNL broadband usage as what they download from server. But in reality, its the total amount of data transferred to and fro between your computer and the server. All data sent and received counts in the total BSNL broadband usage.
  3. A fine tweak to reduce BSNL broadband usage is by downloading the alternate zipped file instead of the bulky uncompressed one. A software/file of 100Mb can be downloaded in just 80-82 Mb, thus decreasing broadband usage.
Use these tips and reduce your usage by the day ,so that you don’t have remain awake till late night(2 AM) for free usage.

Quirky ways to get rich this summer!

We are back to that time of the year when the sun can burn paper without the help of a magnifying glass. Summer 2012 seems hotter than any summer before it, and I for one have become a firm believer in global warming.

Most people are staying at home and complaining about how hot it is, but I think summer is an ideal time to get rich. Since everyone else is so tired and slow, you can make piles of cash if you’re innovative. Here are a few ideas for this summer; I will accept a 10% royalty if any of them work for you.

1. Invent ways to pack trains: It’s a nightmare to get train tickets in summer. Families all across the country decide to visit their relatives halfway across India at the same time, and it is just not possible to get a ticket better than WL 200. The need of the hour is for someone to invent ways to pack more seats into a bay than the traditional 8. Everyone will pay you a commission for these: passengers who get to travel 2000 km to meet their grandparents, TTs who will not be able to walk through the compartments any more and hence will be given free time, beggars who have twice the number of people to beg from.

The only thing is, you’ll have to move quickly. Some people have already started, and their invention is a beauty.

Hanging out has never been so literal

2. Use the power of Nimbu Paani: Lime juice is sold at every street corner in India for Re 1 to Rs 10, depending on which street you visit. But the fact remains that it is criminally underpriced. On a hot day, all you need to do is make a lot of lime juice, buy a cart and find a place in your city which is far from any other lime juice sellers.

After that, paint a sign saying ‘Best lime juice. Rs 100 only’ and wait. Early in the day, people will laugh at you and leave. As the merciless sun climbs to the top of the sky and people faint from the heat, one person will slowly come up to you and order your premium juice. And then the hordes will start coming, and you will be a crorepati in a month.

3. Become an intelligence officer reporting to Sibal/Mamata: Recently, two politicians have come down hard on satirists and cartoonists, and have even arrested a few. But do they truly know of the extent of the satire? There must be thousands of people posting anti-Sibal and anti-Mamata jokes on facebook, and all these evil people must be caught. I will stalk 10,000 profiles a day and inform my leaders, so that I may prosper and that we may jail people committing the heinous crime of writing jokes along with mass murderers like Kasab.

4. Become a hangman: There are lots of criminals on Death Row. India has a vacancy in the ‘Official Hangman’ position. And most youths in India play violent video games, where we do to our enemies what makes hanging look tame in comparison. It all adds up, doesn’t it? We have the skills, we can earn the money.

5. Find the most stupid person in India: who has some money, and bet him/her that KKR will win IPL 5, at whatever odds he/she is willing to give you. Guaranteed money.

6. Create a portable AC room: and walk past every queue in India advertising that you can spend 5 minutes in the AC room. If you find the right queues (admissions offices, RTOs, railway lines) you can become a millionaire quickly and do your bit for society as well!

7. Make the end of the world come early: India TV, the renowned scientific agency, is predicting that the 2012 end of the world will come because of a new Ice Age (they are also predicting deadly comets, earthquakes, volcanoes and asteroids, but let us concentrate on the Ice part of it). If you just tell people that you are planning to cover the world in ice, they will give you any amount of money, especially if they are out of doors and there is no shade nearby. And you are not even doing anything bad, it’s just shifting the end of the world by a few months.

Excuse me , Mr. President

In a few short months, we will have a new President. This is an important decision for us, because the President represents the country on many important stages worldwide, and we want someone we can be proud of.

Many names are being thrown around, the latest being telecom god Sam Pitroda. I want to list down a few names as well, but I will do it scientifically, by analyzing trends. We all know who our previous and current Presidents are. By analyzing the things that changed last time we chose a new President, I feel confident that I will be able to predict the next President, or at least give you a small list to choose from. Here it is:

1. Knowledge of science and technology: Two Presidents ago, we had a key architect of the Indian missile program. Our next President once claimed that she had talked to a ghost. Extrapolating this trend, I expect that our next President will have the technological know how of pre-historic man in the very beginning, before fire and all that came to complicate our lives. I suggest Rakhi Sawant, for her statement exposing the evils of plastic surgery: Jo Bhagwan nahi deta, woh doctor de deta hai.

2. Gender: Our last President was the first person of her gender to become President. To keep this trend going, we need a President this time who is the first of his/her/its gender. And since his and her are already done, we need something new. Yes, we need a transgender President. Might I suggest Bobby Darling, mostly because other transgenders might start begging foreign dignitaries for money?

3. Hairstyle: The President before last had a hairstyle that would have got him thrown out of any school in the country. Our current one has a dignified hairstyle, with never a hair out of place. I expect that the next will have an even more disciplined hairstyle, which is only possible if he/she is bald. I suggest Raghu Ram of Roadies fame for no good reason.

4. Spending on foreign trips: Recently, an RTI revealed that Rs 205 crore has been spent on our current President’s foreign trips. No details are available for the previous one, but I hazard the guess that it was much lower. Therefore, the next President will have to spend 1 lakh crore on foreign travel to keep up the good work. This will only be possible if he/she/it travels to the Moon or to Mars, so we need our best astronaut to become President. This might be difficult, especially when coupled with Point 1 above.

5. Number of words in name: Two Presidents ago, we had someone with 5 words in his name. Now, we have someone with 2 words in her name. Clearly, the next President will have -1 word in their name. This is quite hard to achieve, but maybe we need to choose someone whose name we keep forgetting – for example, that of the extras who dance next to the main heroine in every item number. They even look the same in every video. They will contribute to the satisfaction of the people of India by ensuring that one new item number is released every day.

6. Inspiration quotient: Of course, inspiration is subjective. However, we have heard that many young children have been inspired to follow their dreams by the rags-to-riches story of APJ Abdul Kalam, while the same is probably not true for his successor. To keep this trend going, our next President will have to be someone who inspires people as negatively as APJ once inspired them positively. Clearly, we need a mass murderer. Who better than Mr. Kasab, whom we have kept alive even though the entire country wants him dead? There are a few problems with his candidature – for example, he is Pakistani and might be killed by order of the Supreme Court at any time – but he is the only person who can keep the downward trend going.

And if you look at the criteria before this, he satisfies most of them as well (or will, after he is shaved bald). Kasab for President!

IIT-JEE 2012 Solutions & Analysis

IIT JEE 2012 solutions and answers will be published as soon as IIT JEE 2012 exams will be completed means same date as of JEE 2012 exams. IIT JEE 2012 will be held on 8th April 2012 in two papers, Paper-I and Paper-II. We will publish JEE 2012 solutions shortly so keep in touch with us.
IIT JEE is the most important exam for all those students who wants to study in various IITs across all over India. Every Year more than lakhs students appear in this exam for making their future bright and successive. This time more than 5 lakhs students will appear in IIT JEE 2012 exams and tried their luck to make it to IITs. Thousands of students works hard to study in IITs but just few of them can make their way in IITs.
There are lots of Institute that prepares IIT JEE answers like Resonance, Brilliant, FIITJEE, Carrer Point, Allen, Aakash and etc. This time all these institutes will prepare IIT JEE 2012 solutions quickly after completion of IIT JEE 2012. We will update it’s link here shortly.
IIT JEE 2012 solutions, answer key and test papers solutions click here :
UPDATE 8th April 2012 : Now the IIT JEE 2012 answer key has been declared by Aakash Institute who is one of the finest institute in courses for Most of entrance exams of Medical and Engineering.
All students can check Aakash Institute IIT JEE 2012 solutions from link given below.

here are the links to the answer keys of the papers(code wise)


Answer key

Video Sol.

IIT JEE 2012 Answer Keys and Solutions by Various Institutes:
Subject  Paper I  Paper II
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Subject Paper I Paper II
Physics                                    Download Answer Key
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Subject Paper I Paper II
Subject Paper I Paper II
Physics                                     Download ANswer Key & Solutions Download ANswer Key & Solutions

Advantage, Disadvantage and benefits of IPL : Essay on IPL

Advantages of IPL, Disadvantages and Drawbacks of IPL

What is IPL ? Advantages of IPL?

When the first draft of the Indian Premier League was outlined, its engineers would’ve hardly imagined it would turn into the mania it has become today. Come IPL and the cricketing world – second only to the global soccer family – will be swayed by a spectacular exhibition of a brand of cricket that has dared to rewrite the gospels of the game. The IPL has, in many ways, turned cricket into a thriving industry. It has turned the game from an international sport into a global one. The incentives of playing the IPL are far more enticing—not just money, which is huge, but also the exposure is unequaled. The flip side of it all, though, worries purists like me. Besides the debate about the chaste culture of cricket being disturbed, it’s the long-lasting impressions on technique and temperament that are far more worrisome.

advantages of IPL - disadvantages of IPL

Indian cricket’s biggest produce, the IPL, as it readies for its fifth edition, demands interpretation and analysis. The point to consider is the bearing it has had on our cricket and cricketers— which makes its dissection imperative.

A Platform like no other – Advantage of IPL

Sample this—Ashok Dinda was one of the many nets bowlers who Kolkata Knight Riders had called for a net session. Dinda, right from the onset, had made an impression with the pace and bounce he generated on docile Eden Garden practice pitches. Ricky Ponting was quick to take note of Dinda’s ability and asked John Buchanan to observe the rookie closely. At Ricky’s behest, Dinda, who was yet to debut for Bengal in the Ranji trophy, bagged a coveted IPL contract. He impressed all in the first edition of the IPL and went on to play for Bengal and India in the following years.

The IPL, thus, gave players like Dinda a chance to showcase their talent on the world stage, while also giving others a hope to continue chasing their dreams. Playing for the country was no more the be all and end all of everything—playing in the IPL was as good. For those, who’d been hanging around for years in the domestic circuit, the league has provided an unmatched platform to make a mark. While years in first class cricket only gave them a world of oblivion, IPL resurrected their failing fortunes. The likes of R. Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Rahul Sharma and Yusuf Pathan may not have caught the attention of the selectors with their Ranji Trophy performances. But their talent was tough to ignore post their IPL success. While the opportunity presented by the IPL is only limited to players with the skill-set suited to the shortest format, it’s worth acknowledging its contribution in unearthing some fine talent for ODIs too.Players, pressure cooked – Disadvantage of IPL

If you want to get acquainted to pressure situations, play a T20 game. The entire match is an extended version of the death overs and hence you’d be required to either stop the batsman from scoring quickly or score ten-an-over while batting. Add to that, a packed stadium, millions watching on TV, and the stress of playing against the best players in the world. That’s what the IPL has done to the young cricketers from India. The fear, the inhibitions have all faded away. This breed of youngsters rarely ever allows the nerve to get the better of them. The experience gained in the IPL allows them to express freely right from the beginning of their international career. They may be short on technique and temperament but you’d hardly ever find them short of confidence. Since the gap between first-class cricket and international cricket was huge, players took a longer time to find their feet post the promotion to the highest level. The IPL has bridged that gap, albeit only in the shorter forms of the game.

Rubbing shoulders with Idols – Advantage of IPL

Virat Kohli confesses that Ray Jennings, the coach of Royal Challengers Bangalore and the presence of Jacque Kallis in the side helped him immensely to evolve as a player. Kohli, who represents the young India, was on the verge of falling by the wayside soon after his initiation in International cricket. Even though he had the talent and the technique to succeed, he needed perspective and guidance to take his cricket to the next level. That’s when Jennings as a coach and Kallis as a peer came to his rescue and the rest, as they say, is history. Robin Bist, the highest run-scorer in domestic cricket this year, credits his success to the tips given to him by Sachin Tendulkar. After an IPL game between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils, Bist from the latter team, requested Tendulkar for his two cents. Those few minutes spent in the master’s company changed the course of his career. IPL has provided a golden opportunity to young Indian players to rub shoulders against the best in the world in a congenial environment, ideal for learning.IPL’s million dollar babies – Advantage of IPL

It’s a noble thought that sport should be played for the joy it brings and nothing else, not even the monetary rewards. Nonetheless, it’s foolhardy to believe that a player would continue playing if the financial incentives are not adequate. IPL has bridged that gap between a player’s ambitions and aspirations successfully. It has provided the much-needed financial security, especially to those lesser-known players who may never play for the country. And it has done so at a time when there’s an obvious paucity of employment for cricketers. Nothing could be a bigger boon.But that’s only one part of the story, for the IPL have had its pitfalls too.

IPL vs International Cricket

Playing one full year in all three formats for Team India, a player stands to earn between USD 1-1.5 million, which includes the annual central contract fee too. Obviously, one needs to be a player of extraordinary ability to not only fulfill the demands of three different formats but also remain super-fit too, to avoid missing tournaments due to injury. On the contrary, a player of very limited abilities can earn USD 2 million and above for playing 14 T20 matches lasting 3 hours each over 8 weeks.While it’s an accepted truth that playing for India is a great honor, isn’t it a little naïve to believe that money doesn’t matter at all? Since playing for the country is the biggest honor, shouldn’t playing for India be most rewarding too, especially when the same body runs both the league and the national team? We must find ways to eliminate this disparity or else we may end up losing good International players to the league. The trend has already emerged with many West Indian players refusing to take the central contract. If this can happen to other nations, we too might find ourselves in the same boat soon.

Injury management – Disadvantage of IPLWhen a player plays for the Indian team, his physical fitness is the prerogative of the team physiotherapist. The physio, being privy to the medical history gambir shoulder injury ipl disadvantage advantage benfitof a player and the team’s demands, manages the player’s workload in a manner that allows him adequate rest to ensure that the player peaks at the right time. Things are not quite the same when the same player represents an IPL franchise. Both lack of time to prepare and the dynamics of the tournament don’t allow the IPL team physio to address these issues properly. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if a few players pick-up injuries during the IPL, which force them to miss the subsequent tours with the Indian team. Right from the first edition of the IPL, the list of players who haven’t participated in the International series right after the IPL has been growing.

Is Technique, passé?
India’s dismal performance in overseas Test matches should send the alarm bells ringing. If it hasn’t, then the fact that the seniors are at the twilight of their illustrious career should, for they are going to leave a huge void. The growing popularity of the IPL may lure youngsters to sacrifice technique for flair and flamboyance. The trends are already emerging in domestic cricket where you’d find a lot more players exercising the easier option of hitting out of a tough situation. On the contrary, there will only be a handful of players who’d take the road less travelled of grinding it out in the middle. We will be required to address and arrest this problem or else we won’t produce players who know both the value and the art of batting for time on the basis of technical proficiency.

Gen Next
During a debate with a young audience, a kid asked me to provide valid reasons for him to play the longer format of the game. I did my best by explaining to him the finer nuances of the game and how Test cricket would allow him to understand the game a bit more and enhance his ability to view/play the game better. Despite my best efforts, I failed to turn him into a believer. He was completely enamored by the glitz and glamour of the IPL. That’s when I realized that we might be heading into an era in which kids may not want to play Test cricket at all. Previously, the coaches would punish a player for playing an aerial shot, damning it completely and calling it blasphemous. Now, with the advent of T-20 and IPL, they encourage 12 year olds to go over the top. In fact, I’ve seen coaches and parents giving their wards an earful if he played three dot balls in a row. The presence of Tendulkar, Sehwag and Gambhir might, for a bit, spur kids to take interest in the longer format too. But once they leave, young cricketers are bound to become far more vulnerable than ever before.Our views on the IPL have wandered in the grey for long, about time we settle on whether we like it or not.

Agneepath Full Poetry Lyrics

Hey guys ,this the poem written by late shri harivansh ray bacchan.,which has been used in Agneepath(1990) and Agneepath(2012)


Vriksh Ho Bhale Khade
Ho Ghane Ho Bade,
Ek Patra Chhah Bhi Mang Mat, Mang Mat, Mang Mat,
Agnipath, Agnipath Agnipath;
Tu Na Thamega Kabhi Tu Na Mudega Kabhi Tu Na Rukega Kabhi,
Kar Shapath, Kar Shapath, Kar Shapath,
Agnipath, Agnipath, Agnipath.
Ye Mahan Drushya Hain,
Chal Raha Manushya Hain,
Ashru, Sweth, Rakta Se Latpat Latpat Latpat..
Agnipath, Agnipath, Agnipath.