Books on my 2019 wishlist


These are some of the books that were recommended to me by someone, intrigued me, stood the test of time or simply have a great book cover (guess who judged a book by its…).

And the list is in no particular order. And needless to say, I might add or remove books from time to time. These are my reading goals for 2019 (as of today there are just 9 days left in 2018).

1.) Influence by Robert Cialdini.

I first heard about this book on a James Altucher podcast and his intro about this book intrigued me. Sadly, its been more than 2 years since I heard about this book, but is still in my to-read list. Recently though, I came across a recommendation for this book from another fantastic book that I am reading currently “Poor Charlies Almanack” by the legendary thinker and investor Charlie Munger. And if a billionaire dude recommends a book, you oughta read it boy.

2.) When breath becomes Air by Paul Kalanidhi

A book that grabbed my attention from its cover(and because the author’s name sounded Indian). But then Bill Gates recommended it on his reading list as “The best non-fiction I’ve read in a while”. Again, read the last line of the above book summary. I guess I am following a lot of billionaires nowadays. God, is it a sign of my future!

3.) Principles by Ray Dalio

I got introduced to Ray Dalio’s wisdom from his Youtube video on Economy. And then I read the story on Sor Orwell’s blog about his friend helping Mr Dalio design his book. And yeah from all the podcast episodes that I heard of him while he was promoting this book. The book is big(both in volume and in Idead) and is a tad bit expensive as well. But I think before reading this, I’ll finish off Mr Dalio’s “A template for Understanding big debt crises” first whose PDF version I already have.

4.) A little book of happiness by Ruskin Bond

Come on. How can someone not like Ruskin Bond’s style of writing and when the same writer who introduced us to Kasauli, Shamli and Himachal writes about his thoughts on happiness, how can one resist. Also, Vishar sir from Safal Niveshak mentioned an excerpt from this book in this post, which is too good to be missed

5.) 1984 by George Orwell

My affinity for fiction reduced when I started reading more and more Non-fiction articles and books. But this book has captured my attention for a long time. I bought it a couple of months back and will hopefully start reading it soon.

Do you have any recommendations for me? Any books that you liked and would like others to read? Mention it in the comment and let the discussion flow.