About us

Hi.Thanks for landing on this “About” page,which shows that you are Interested in this blog Whokies or me Abhijit Mahida.

My name is Abhijit Mahida and i have been an Internet addict since 2010.Ran a dozen of blogs,after which my first blog Whokies became successful and is today a leading blog of India.Then i made U Just Got Teched which was a Technology Blog,and it became a bit successful too.And after moving from Blogspot to a personal .com,i named it Geeks Laboratory.

So,why the name Whokies ?

I just got frustrated because every URL which i was tying,it returned”This Domain name has been taken”.

Just Joking 🙂

Well,first of all i wanted my blog to be abstract and not to be a part of any specific niche.Also i had a plan to post news and humorous articles on this blog.So i picked this name Whokies. Beacuse it has no meaning.No specific niche.Just Simple Whokies

What I write on Whokies and what knowledge can you gain

On Whokies,i write on the following topics :

  • I write my own article on political issues and other sarcastic and humorous topics which you will like to read
  • Anything about SEO which i know
  • I am a die hard fan of Smart Phones(though i have a regular phone).So,i write on Phones,Apps,and Updates.
  • I am an Apple Fanboy.Or should i say a Steve Jobs Fan and will write anything related to Apple.
  • On how to increase traffic,Alexa rank and other Blogging parameters.

Now,Something about me.

I am a total computer addict and can live without food for 2 days but not a second without computer(of-course with an internet connection)

I am in a relationship.with Technology since 2011,22nd April.The day i made my first blog Moods and Minds

I am a to-be Chemical Engineer but have the brains of a Computer Guy,and feel proud of it

Hate going to college and love sleeping all day. Going to college is my least favorite thing, but still manage to catch up with others students of the class with the help of brother like friends :)

I am so addicted to blogging that i have made even my friends Charmin and Souvik start their Blogs,and they are doing really well.No Claps please.

And a Proud INDIAN

Some thing from my side

Well,if you are reading this,chances are that you are a blogger.For Newbie bloggers,i am giving an advice based on my experience that don’t blog for money.Write what you love.Forget Adsense in the initial stages of your Blogging Career.You will rock.I know that.

If you have any query or a problem or just want to say hi,shoot it on twitter at@geeklaboratory or on Facebook or on Google+

Wishing Success for you,

Abhijit Mahida