5 Companies In Which Every Chemical Engineer Dream to Get Placed in IndiaTakes 3 mins to read

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical Engineering basically deals with designing and developing techniques that are used in making various products. Their work is based on altering chemicals, biochemical and the physical state of a substance to change it into something which is of use to people on a daily basis or otherwise. They have to deal with substances like oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, plastic, hospital products, energy etc. It is simply the skill used to turn certain chemical raw materials into fully complete products which are put to use. Chemical Engineering in the present also makes use of advanced technology like nanotechnology.

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

IOCL is currently the leading commercial enterprise of India. It has a sales turnover of Rs.3,99,601 crore for the year 2015-16. Ranked 161st in the “Global 500” listing, 2016, IOCL has been the best solution for India’s energy needs for over the past fifty years. Subsidiaries have also been established in countries like Sri Lanka, Mauritius, UAE etc.

Placement Process:

To be placed in IOCL, candidates should be specialized in Chemical Engineering from recognized Indian Universities or Institutes with a minimum percentage of 65% under General category. Candidates who are specialized in combined disciplines like Mechatronics are not eligible to apply for job in IOCL. So, it would be wise to choose the branch of specialization depending on your passion towards Chemical Engineering. Candidate must have to apply on website of IOCL for IOCL Recruitment .


Reliance Petroleum Limited was founded by Reliance Industries Limited and it is one of India’s largest chemical sector companies. It is based in Ahmedabad. Its oil business has taken a huge leap in the recent years, thereby making it one of the top companies dealing with agriculture, packaging, housing, healthcare etc.

Placement Process:

The minimum eligibility under general category is 60% in Chemical Engineering. The selection process includes a written test under the categories- aptitude and technical. Next comes the HR and technical interviews, where questions regarding your job profile, hobbies, the company, and other technical questions will be asked. Depending on your skills, you can predict your possibility to get through.


Essar, which is next in line is one of the biggest conglomerates in India based in Mumbai. It specializes in mining, metals and energy uses world-class assets and resources in the process.

Placement Process:

After the placement talk, one has to give a tech/aptitude test which involves logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude etc. This is followed by a group discussion and a personal interview, after which the results are declared.

GSFC (Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd)

GSFC was founded in 1967. Being one of India’s leading Chemical manufacturers, their discoveries prompted the birth of 8 new generation fertilizer plants to support growing needs.

Placement Process:

You can apply online for placement in GSFC. The selection process is pretty simple. The application is followed by an online test and then an interview. After this, the appointment will be fixed accordingly.


BASF is a German based company which is the largest producer in the world. It has joint ventures in over 80 countries and has fetched customers from over 200 countries.

Placement Process:

The placement process involves application screening first. This is followed by a group discussion based on which the candidate is selected accordingly for the final interview. The questions for the interview include technical and HR questions. The salary package is pretty appealing.

So gear up for the preparation and excel throughout your Engineering period to get into one of the top 5 Chemical- based companies.

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