4 Innovative Digital Marketing Techniques to heat up Real Estate!Takes 3 mins to read

Real Estate in India is on rise and hence the competition is also 22609c146459e9ea2b0cf3ed004306eeheating up.  What it takes to survive in this market is an awesome team. Your Marketers, Builders, Designers, Salesperson and everyone else. To begin with, you need to have an online presence these days. But you’ve already been doing all the basic stuff- linkedIn, facebook, Twittter, yada, yada….So, to stay ahead, have a look at following techniques:

  1. Virtual Tour-homes: With the advent of Google Cardboard in India, this techniques is really expected to be the future.  This addresses the common problem of customers not able to make time to do site-visits. Understandably so, it is a costly and time-consuming affair. But if Muhammad can’t go to the mountain, the mountain must go to Muhammad, rite? What if the customer can have a virtual tour of the site sitting comfortably on his couch at home? You heard that right. Google glasses and card- boards and the excellent video shooting devices these days make it possible. A sales assistant at site can use the google glass and can communicate with as much as 9 clients at a same time, each at his own place. The virtual tour-home is a real-time interactive tour in which you can ask questions in real time, take the view from the balcony, switch on the fans and light, turn on the tap faucets , etc. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Chat-Bot: Facebook Messenger recently launched its Chatbot feature allowing companies to have a  24*7 online presence using an online virtual assistant, like Siri. The chatbot works using the artificial Intelligence coded by the company. Many platforms are available to do so. You just put in questions and answers that you want to send to the client. The benefits are huge, as chatbot can act as the virtual sales tele-assistant working round the clock addressing all the common customer queries regarding the upcoming projects, locations, sizes, prices, features, contacts, etc for the real-estate.
  3. QR Hardtagging: Yes, you guessed it right. The tiny looking QR code has immense powers in space of Digital Marketing. What if you give these QR codes in say newspapers and magazines or on door-pamphlets, and on scanning through any mobile reader, it triggers a youtube video wherein you can demonstrate your upcoming projects or any of your advertisements? Many companies in various sectors are already using it, why not real estate? You could also trigger educational videos as to how to transform the look of your home or how to arrange furniture so as to maximize the space utilisation, all the while promoting yourself.
  4. Customer Co-creation:  As of now the idea seems a little ambitious, but the possibilities are endless. What if a customer wants to have a room of  a particular size, a wall of a particular colour or a door of a particular material? Currently, this is done manually, but why can’t we have a software or a mobile app that allows this changes to be made by customer in his existing building plan, play around with it and see the look of it in real-time? Currently, some companies are already using it at a small-scale but the future holds larger prospects. Also, can there be an app that tells you the amount of light you will receive, the space utilization, the privacy you will get in your house with these alterations? That would be great.


Hope you implement these techniques and benefit at your horizons!

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