Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5

Samsung Galaxy S7 v/s LG G5 – Ultimate ShowdownTakes 4 mins to read

Samsung is world’s best Smartphone manufacturing company and this year they did something unusual as they launched two flagship devices, the recently launched Samsung Note 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7.  Samsung Galaxy S7 is known for its performance and the camera. Speaking of camera, LG also launched their flagship device this year called the LG G5.

LG has literally changed his vision with the launch of this LG G5 by making this Smartphone an absolute brilliance. LG G5 is amazing and probably one of the best (if not the best) mobiles of 2016 for sure. Its modular design affect has taken the global Smartphone market by storm, and that’s why the Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5 is quite exciting to read.



Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5Being the flagship devices, they both fall under the same category so let’s see how they compare against each other. Here we will try to decode the features and functionalities of both the devices and see which one should you go after if you are on the verge of purchasing a high end Smartphone.


Samsung has gone for a lot of premium materials this time and have made the S7 a cracking phone not only to use but to hold as well as they have curved the glass back of the S7. This makes the S7 lighter and also one of the best phones to hold in the hand. The LG G5 also has some premium materials and is made up of mostly metal. G5 have a curved glass screen on the top which doesn’t really do anything but just looks a bit different. Overall, LG G5 is a great looking device but nothing when compared to the Samsung S7.


Both the devices have great cameras but again, the S7 beats the G5 in this. However, it is worth noting that LG G5 has a 16 MP shooter when compared to the 12 MP cameras in the S7 but the hardware and software of the S7 makes its camera a great shooter. LG G5 has a good camera as well but it doesn’t stand a chance against the S7. The Galaxy S7 has a 5 MP front shooter whereas the LG G5 has a 8 MP camera but the front camera performance is same in both of the devices.


Samsung Galaxy S7 is the pinnacle of the technology and it proves it in the performance round. LG G5 is not far away but still it is behind because of its User Interface. Both the devices are powered by Snapdragon 820 Processors and a 4 GB RAM but the LG G5 is a 2.1 GHz processor where as the S7 is clocked at 1.6 GHz processor.

Display and Battery

Samsung has fitted a qHD AMOLED display in the Galaxy S7 which can be measured at 5.1 inches which makes it an easy to operate device. On the other hand, LG G5 also has a qHD AMOLED Display but it is slightly bigger than the Galaxy S7 at 5.3 inches. Battery backup on the S7 is brilliant because of its 1.6 GHz processor but LG G5 has a decent battery life because of its over clocked processor.


The prices for the Galaxy S7 start from Rs. 48,500 and will climb up to 56,000 for the Edge model whereas you can get your hands on a LG G5 at just Rs. 41,500.

To conclude we can say that Samsung has not changed much in its Galaxy S7 model compared to its last flagship device, where LG has gone too far with its LG G5 device by adding lots of out of the box features and innovations. However, the Galaxy S7 device is having an enhanced water and dust resistance feature which is making this device better than all of its contemporaries. On the other hand LG is definitely winning some points thanks to its innovative approach and revolutionary design change. So you can go for LG G5 if you love innovation or you can opt for Galaxy S7 if style and elegance is your forte. Choice is up to you and you only.

We are sure that Galaxy S7 and LG G5 will rule the Android Smartphone market, until the next flagships Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 hits the market.

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