Role of youth india devloping

How Youth can help Rediscover IndiaTakes 3 mins to read

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Franklin D. Roosevelt”]We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. [/pullquote]The strength of any nation is measured by how powerful the youths of that nation are. Youth is the main driving force behind the success story of any country.

The major need for a developing country to rise out from adversity is Manpower which is very scarce currently. Be it industry, agriculture, academics or government divisions, all of these need sound people for the efficient performance of their fields. And only youths are the substitution to these. The world is growing bigger and smaller at the same time. Bigger in context of infrastructural developments, technological advancements, economy rise, space explorations and smaller in context of easy availability of matter, faster accessibility to information, quicker transportation facilities, improved health security. All these things are directly or indirectly connected with the hard work put in by the youth of the particular nation.

Role of youth india devloping

The youths of 21st century are highly advanced in their intellectual as well as subject knowledge. Profound use of internetand social media has made the task even easier as compared to the work methodology of our forefathers. The co-ordination for any particular work, faster communication of ideas and understanding of issues is increased because of similar minds uniting for a single cause and working as a team. The use of technology in the correct way has made a greater impact. The youths get a great exposure of the stuff happening around the globe and that increases their decision making capacity, logical thinking and concern about the fate of their nation. This helps them and the country to make a noteworthy rise in the future to come.

For a human, there are 3 major stages of life- Childhood, Adolescence and Old Age. Majority of the childhood part is spent in growing and learning the basics; the old age is mere a memory movie of the past decades spent during one’s life and when the particular person has no any leftover energy, ideas and desire to do anything. But the most important of all is the Adolescence aka Youth. At that point of time, there is abundance of energy, enthusiasm, ideas, skills, passion and self-confidence. No matter how hard the work maybe, there is always that spark from within which inspires and motivates continuously to strive for excellence and achieve that which is impossible. This is what is needed for the country to move from developing to a developed one.


As a youth, he/she has energy, time and money. 3 out of the 4 necessary things to bring a revolutionary change are available. The 4th one being Wisdom. This one can only be made available by providing them with proper guidance. But, lack of guidance is an urgent issue. Quite a big number of youths are ruining their lives just because no one was available to guide them further or show them the difference between the wrong and right paths. Addictions, wrong company and disregarding the adults turns their fate. If these valuable resources are taken care of can create wonders and result into great victories. Today’s world completely runs on competition. What others have achieved and what we have yet to achieve is all that counts. Under such a scenario, the developing countries have a greater chance of becoming a developed country and thereby create a milestone.

[pullquote align=”cen” cite=” -अज्ञात”]जो पर्वतो से टकराए उसे तूफान कहते है, और जो तूफानोंसे टकराए उसे युवान कहते है | [/pullquote]

(That who clashes with the Mountains is called Hurricane,

And that who clashes with the Hurricane is called Youth.


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