What we did not get in New iPAD(except Steve Jobs)Takes 3 mins to read

Apple announced its new tablet last week and its going to launch in market on 16th march. But the rumors were all around the world regarding the pad’s name and its features, now the suspense is over after the launch they have simply name the tablet as “New iPad” users were expecting that it would be named asiPad 3 or iPad HD as it was coming with retina display technology.

Now let us talk about the features which were expected in new iPad. But unfortunately all the expectation was over ruled out.

Gesture based Device: It was expected that in new iPad there would be no home buttom instead of that gesture would be use to navigate the menu, but Apple might have thought that consumers are less interested to have a gesture based device. This was considered one of the controversial topics but unfortunately the users have to wait for fourth edition of tablet to enjoy the gesture based device.

Addition of SIRI: SIRI was expected to be in new iPad, gods knows the mystery behind it and why the voice dictation feature was not added to the new edition of iPad we thought that SIRI would we included to every IOS device as in I phone 4S. Most probably Apple must have kept something for their next edition.

A6 processor Quad-core: We all thought that the new iPad would be launched with A6 processor Quad core inside. Though we all know that apple launched their iPad2 with A5 processor, it left users to expect us more in new iPad. Apple brought new A5X processor in new iPad and left us speculate the mystery of extra X in the processor. I hope that the high definition movies and games can be handled with ease.

Haptic feedback Technology: Just before the launch rumors early morning of Apple’s announcement of new iPad display might have technology which allows end users to sense exactly where these people were pressing. Essentially, the unique technology would use electrical power to provide various little portions of the screen a structure if needed, which may enable end users to enhance really feel exactly where these were pressing. Apple always thinks different we never know we can get the similar technologies in the future devices

SD card Slot: I think Apple has made up his mind not to include an extra memory slot to any of his iPad which means you have to add a extra cost and buy a Apple camera connection kit to transfer your pictures and videos to your new iPad, if they have thought to it then certainly helped the user not to carry an extra accessory.

So, guys we need to wait and watch for quite some time to see what Apple has got next to offer.

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