Valentine’s Day –The day of love, passion, trust and commitmentTakes 3 mins to read

valentine day stands for love, passion, peace , trust and above all committment to love

Valentine day is celebrated on February 14 every year. This day has become love festival and is celebrated with zeal and fervor by young people and youngsters. It may rightly be called the lover’s day. The day has gained enormous proportions among kids and teenagers in recent years. The youth enthusiastically enjoys the day be exchanging love feelings and greetings. This day has become embodiment of love, passion and commitment. Red rose are offered to lovers as were offered to deities in ancient days. Red rose depicts passionate love and passionate hearts of blossoming lovers: whose red hearts like red roses throb with love, dynamism and devotion. Red rose is favourite flower of goddess Venus, the Latin goddess of love. Love knots made by interlacing loops of ribbon, the pair of white doves, the green colored parrot, the vahana of Kamdeva all these symbolize love and affection.

Love is eternal subject of art, literature and paintings. Every artist had tried to define love in his or her own unique way but love is likea ocean who none could fathom, so love is still undefined and waiting for future generations to be defined. Not much has been written on single subject as on the subject of love. love is basic human emotion which his flowing eternally in the hearts of people and their arteries, since time memorial and centuries. Some walk in love, some walk through love, some walk over love. There are only a few fortunate in who love rides.

Wars have been fought for love and lover’s sake. Emperors have abdicated their mighty thrones rejecting all wealth and fame of world in choice of love. Such is the power and strength of love. Some unfortunate having obsessed with love committed either suicide or committed the heinous crime of murdering their love.
February 14, the day of love has special significance for all of us. It reminds us the piousness and innocence of love over lust and possessiveness. Love frees us from the bonds of possessiveness whereas the sensuousness binds us with worldly things and bodily beauty and figure. Love is that sweet fragrance that everyone wishes to smell on this day. People express their love and commitment for each other on this auspicious day
This day has mythological significance too.. This reminds us the eternal “love –stories” of cupid-psyche, Eros-psyche and Kamdeva and Rati and love symbolized in images and myths. Cupid was a mischievous winged youth whose arrow would pierce the heart of his victims. In ancient Greece he was known as Eros, young son of Aphrodite. To the Romans he was Cupid and his mother was Venus. The Indian version of cupid and Eros is Kamdeva. The three myths of cupid, Eros and Kamdeva symbolize the eternal emotional river of love passion which is flowing in every young and old heart since dawn of civilization. These myths also speak of eternal miseries/ anguish and travails associated with love emotion. Roses that are exchanged on this day symbolize both peace and war, Love and Forgiveness. White roses are for true love, Red roses stand for passion, Yellow for friendship and Black roses mean farewell.
When the gods of love –Kamdeva, cupid and Eros pertaining to Indian, Latin and Greek cultures see the modern youth in their full bloom dancing with vibrating energy and radiance, they must be remembering their own sportful, fanciful youthful days full of love and romance and offer their blessings to the modern youth. I too wish you all happy valentine day. Long live the memory of saint valentine in our hearts.

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