New iPad with Retina Display -Can it be used in daylight ?Takes 1 mins to read

As we all know that soon the new iPad would be makings its presence in the market on 16th march. Loaded with good features such as retina display, faster processor, and good camera. The new innovation in the display section will let you to click the photos in natural sunlight for that we have to wait and watch till it comes into the hands of real users. To justify the statement before hand just have a look into some of the screen shot taken from the Video Ad by Apple which was displayed during the launching event of the new iPad.

The lady buying fruits in the market during the daytime looking at iPad might give you the clear view about the screen resolution visibility in natural lights.

The next image shows a man in a beech clicking a photo of his family in direct sunlight just notice the clarity on screen.

Above images will give you idea about the quality and the clarity of the images would be great in the new iPad as we know about the technology used in the new iPad is Retina display technology in which text are sharp and photos are vibrant .

As per mine view which I personally feel that image taken in beach is taken from shadow into sunlight in that case image seems to be vibrant but I hope transparency remains the same as shown in the video Ads rather than a retouched or modified video to create curiosity among the people.

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