Mistake,Learn,RepeatTakes 2 mins to read

We get experience and receive training in our places of work, school or environment. After completing each day, we learn a new lessonwhich is usually applied to some area that is important to our lives. When we are involved in any sphere of life, we wouldn’t like to make any mistakes while moving along. We actually feel a form of defeat when we repeat at failing whatever we failed in the past or whatever we made a mistake at doing. It is also worthy to note that in every failure or mistake, there is a valuable lesson to learn. One vital thing to never forget is thelesson you could learn from every mistake.

In the vast field of science, experimenters make alot of tests inorder to prove their beliefs, convictions or findings to the world. Whatever they discover or theorise, is usually built upon later on. It is worthy to note that many inventors made hundreds or thousands of mistakes along the path to their great invention(s), like in Thomas Edison’s career. After inventing new knowledge or processes, they keep an inventory of all the relevant information or data that contributed to their alarming discovery. This type of procedure can be applied to the experiences and processes of learning we encounter in our daily lives.

Whatever we are doing in life, certain steps must be involved inorder to achieve an expected end but when the result ends up not being what we expected, it implies that we have deviated by making a mistake. We would have a better ride if we view our unexpected end as a mistake that we can learn from, rather than looking at it as a total failure. In this way, we will be helping ourselves to move in a more appropriate direction that can take us to our expected end. Generally, people often take steps, meet a challenge and conquer it by making changes that get them on the road that traverses towards their expected end. Lessons learnt from mistakes are extremely valuable because they aid you to totally avoid error in the future.

If you want to value life’s ways of learning, always make an attempt to identify the lessons in those things that get into our path and temporarily prevent you from achieving your expected end. Once anything gets into our way and deviates us from making our ends meet, we should pick up the lesson offered and find the nearest opportunity that can make us realize what we desire.

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