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A routine is a standard procedure or a particular course of action taken by the individuals on a daily or periodic basis. It is vehemently advisable to the whole of humankind to construct a routine and genuinely stick to it in completing the various chores of the day. Making a routine is a practice that cuts across ages. While children jingle between their education and entertainment in a routine, the middle age group plots timings to spend with their loved ones in their busy schedule. Even retired personnel have a quite a list of things to do when it comes to analysing their routine.


My routine of the day is very dynamic, that is, it ought to change if there is a slightest modification in my enumeration of priorities. The routine I follow is also excessively dependent on the period of life I am going through. For instance, my routine few days from exams is in contrast with my routine for the rest of the days of the years. Also, routine during holidays has nothing to do with the schedule followed in the work days. And yes, I totally agree that the routine which one follows in their school life is the best to adopt for life, ‘waking up at 5 O’clock, getting refreshed, having a nutritious breakfast, wearing clean clothes and going to school. Coming back at about 2 after a tenure full of knowledge and experience, plays and team spirit, and engaging in a short nap after consuming the lunch served by your mother.

Playing in the evenings at the nearby park, studying for the next two hours and finally, having dinner and going to serene sleep’. Living in a hostel, my routine is very different, if not opposite, from this routine. Generally, with the exception of exam days, I walk away from the bed at about 8 O’clock, skip the breakfast in order to catch the first class of the day, and have something from the canteen as my lunch. When I return from the college at about 4 in the evening, I am too exhausted to even pick up my books, let alone read them. I engage myself with my phone till the dinner is prepared and doze off immediately after having the same.

A routine does not bound the actions of people or make them robots, rather, they develop a sense of discipline in them. Having a good routine helps significantly in achieving the long term goals a person has set for himself.

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