My letter to the Students who will join College this YearTakes 3 mins to read

To the Aspiring Student
Any Engineering College,

 Let me tell you some facts/suggestions which I think would be very helpful to you.

1. Always take part in some notable events. Please note the use of word “”notable”” I say this because typical events like robowars in local colleges is not going to help you. Events like Robocon, BAJA SAE are termed as notable. They will shape you for your future and give a necessary boost, rather this would catapult you ahead in competition. Also to some extent “”IIT”” Robowar would help you(I remember when I participated they brought a new rule regarding the control of onboard power supply by just 9 V remote control this really helped me gain knowledge about SSR relays and how they are not good for this purpose but this type of failure really help you believe me.)

letter to students engineering

2. Never believe that your professors are of no help. Yes they have many shortcomings and you would have to be servile to them but mark my word being servile always helps may it be in terms of marks as well as obtaining some permission regarding any event. Sometimes some professor even go ahead to vouch for you personally.
Remember give respect get respect.

3. Always be in sync with aptitude related stuff, this would help you very much during job placements.

4. Develop english speaking skills- highly valued quality in today’s industry. Many people who have been rejected after passing aptitude test is due to this reason.

5.Always learn petty things like solid works, autocad, excel sheet calculations(mechanical guys you would need this I remember we had made many such calculative worksheets to easily calculate things like torque, battery’s current capacity and things like that)
To electronics guys: Learn types of soldering for god’s sakes. especially for Mechatronics guys if you want to pursue fields like embedded sys.

6. Be a practical learner and not a “”Gokhu””(mugger). Yes sometimes you would have to cram but do that too intelligently.

7. This was my mantra and it helped me a lot to gain good marks. Always try to understand the topic at hand, understand the logic behind it. Once you know how the process happens just form a mental animation of the process in sequence I don’t think you need to cram anything barring some numbers after this. Once you understand the logical sequence and you develop a imaginative animation in your mind any question regarding that process can easily be answered.

8. Sometimes during exams you would feel that “”Are yaar aa mein kyayk vanchyu hatu paan yaad nathi avtu atyare( I had read this but i am not remembering it)”” you confuse one topic with other. I know this happens, it’s quite natural. To overcome this problem cramm up the sequence of topic-heading in a chapter. When you do so a mental picture of that page will be fitted into your mind and this helps a lot to recollect a topic it during your exam.

9 Last thing remember never portray bad image of oyur college outside of your college gates. There are many reasons for it.

A. If your college gets a bad image it’s name would fall considerably with respect to other colleges, this my friend would ultimately affect you in terms of job placements or during further study applications.

B. This will cause a ripple effect all people would rhyme the same tune and that would mean doom to your college.

C. Bad reputation would ultimately effect you in terms of stricter paper checking, strict attendance as the college would like to regain their name and they think this is the way out. I think the same is happening now.

I hope this helps. All the best.Wishes for your Success.

From your friend,

Shyamal Parikh

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