I have a Dream..India,Health and YouTakes 4 mins to read

“I have a dream,that one day all of India’s Children will hold each other’s hands,
Look up in the sky and say Healthy at last,healthy at last,Thank God almighty we are healthy at last”

I know this relatively striped down version of martin Luther King’s Ultra famous speech might sound foolish but this is what we need in the times when inflation in India is Bungee jumping over two digits and corruption is so deeply rooted that there is saying for an Indian citizen from the day he is born till his death he has to endure corruption at various stages in his life by paying money starting for his birth certificate and eventually for his death certificate.

Ok.So the question of the hour is how can we make the Children of Today and the Citizens of tomorrow Healthy Immune and more strong.There is no Quick recovery method to do so.I know ‘Jaan hai toh jahaan hai’,’Paise ko kya upar le jaoge’,’Sar salamat toh pagdi hazaar’ and all that stuff.We all talk of how Polticians are looting the country,how Indian economy will impact world economy in the next years,but never talk on the issuses which affect the health of children,malnutrition,new growing diseases,etc.

“A fit, healthy body– that is the best fashion statement.”
So,here is my take on how to Increase immunity in Children and Make them Healthy.No there are no nani ke Nuskhe here 😛
1.) First and Foremost.Sleep.
Children in day care are particularly at risk for sleep deprivation because all the activity can make it difficult for them to nap. How much sleep do kids need? A newborn may need up to 18 hours of cribtime a day, toddlers require 12 to 13 hours, and preschoolers need about 10 hours. 
2.) Vaccinations
“Do boond zindagi ke” was not meant just for any advertising campaign,but was made to increase awareness among people regarding Polio and mainly Vaccinations.Bascially medicines are something you take after getting infected and Vaccines are something which you take so that you don’t get infected.
New diseases erupt and new viruses take birth every day so vaccines are a must and is mandatory according to Indian Government.Polio is eradicated now because of the continous efforts of the Government along with people.
how increase immunity in children india
Make India Healthier
3.) Is that a worm ? Is that a grain ? No,it is a Germ..!!
We all know that we should wash our hands before eating but honestly very few of us follow that rule(i am one of those few.No claps please..)If we will not follow it then how can we advise our children to do that.
Fighting germs doesn’t technically boost immunity, but it’s a great way to reduce stress on your child’s immune system. Make sure your kids wash their hands often – and with soap. You should pay particular attention to their hygiene before and after each meal and after playing outside, handling pets, blowing their nose, using the bathroom, and arriving home from day care. When you’re out, carry disposable wipes with you for quick cleanups. To help kids get into the hand-washing habit at home, let them pick out their own brightly colored hand towels and soap in fun shapes, colors, and scents.

4.) Eat Right.Sit tight.

Make them eat veggies and fruits.Carrots, green beans, oranges, strawberries: They all contain such immunity-boosting phytonutrients as vitamin C and carotenoids.Studies show that a diet rich in phytonutrients can also protect against such chronic diseases as cancer and heart disease in adulthood.So,that is a good Investment for a healthy lifestyle in future.

Also,Try to get your child to eat five servings of fruits and veggies a day.Let them eat what they want,but not that what you dont want.

5.) Use added Supplements.

Along with a healthy diet,some supplements which ensure that you and your child have a considerable amount of Vitamins and other Important nutrients should be taken.Companies like Dabur who have a product name Chyawanprash is an excellent supplement to you and your childs daily need.

6.) Life is Measured in Smiles/sec not miles/sec 🙂

In the end,smile.Smile a lot.Everyone looks beautiful when they smile because God had made us that way.Something should be there to reduce stress.Think Positive and be happy.Kalyug mein itna hi punya karne ko hai.Haso.

Huh after this long take on Indias health Problem and how to incraese immunity in Our children,its upto you.In which way you apply these.How you take care and how your child Grows.Who knows we might see our next Milkha Singh or Indira gandhi in your Child.

I have made a Video on this topic.Hope you like it.

And remeber,None of us is as Strong as All of us.We have to take Action.We all.

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