Chennai Express Movie Review Sharukh Khan Deepika PadukoneTakes 2 mins to read

The heavy promotions and the continuous ads and songs on Television paid off after the much hyped movie Chennai Express has released.And we have brought the Movie review of Chennai Express for You.

Rahul and Meenakshi

Well,to be sure this movie has real clever laughter and good comic timing from Shahrukh and Deepika has leveraged this film to a Comedy Action Thriller.Direction is good by Rohit Shetty and the screenplay is average.


Rahul(SRK),showing his back to his friends to go on a trip to Goa,goes to  Rameshwaram with the ashes of his Late grandfather,boarding Chennai Express.But,in the train he meets the beautiful  Meenakshi aka Meenamma(Deepika Padukone),who is running from her imposing father,who is accidentally a South DON.From one to other, the two reach said village. Towering hulk who is also would-be-groom of Meenakshi  arrives to growl and snarl.Then starts their journey to fight the evils,DON and The would-be-groom and makes them fall in love.


Rohit Shetty makes Chennai Express revel in ridiculousness and has a superstar crack jokes that are certainly beneath him. But he succeeds in his mission to entertain simply because of his actors who add marvel to his second rate jokes. Perhaps the best part of the film is when Meena and Rahul communicate through Hindi songs; it is the only place where the screenplay reflects imaginative quality.

Final Review
Yes,the film comes with a No Smoking Statutory Warning,but it should come with Throw-your-brains Statutory Warning.The jokes are somrtimes cheap,but becuase of the flawless acting and charisma of both the actors,Chennai Express manages to float above the other Wannabe films.
I give it 3 Stars

Chennai Express
Reviewed by Abhijit Mahidaon Aug 09 2013
Rating: 3

2 thoughts on “Chennai Express Movie Review Sharukh Khan Deepika PadukoneTakes 2 mins to read

  1. If you look closely, between Chennai Express and Red 2, i felt Bruce Willis was looking much younger and quick in comedy timing. SRK definitely is looking more older and older because of his smoking and drinking habits. Maybe he is imitating tamil super star Rajinikanth who has the same die hard habits! Coming to the movie, i could feel the movie taken with just 20C budget with nearly 80 % sets and 20% on Railways and their stations. It is looks a Rajasthan Royals winning the first IPL with a fledgeling team. Being a south indian, i felt it could have been better if it was taken in tamil itself and would have been a sure hit. But being in hindi, i felt i was drinking a soda and not a coke! First half was good, but the second half made me to keep checking the time and was massaging my seat uncomfortably! Even SRK would be wishing that he should have teamed with Yash %26 Co instead. My rating would be 2.5/5.

  2. being from South India completely enjoyed the movie. Although it is not the best movie ever, it was fun to watch. Ppl who dont know Tamil would have found it difficult in most of the scenes. But entertainer nonetheless. And thanks to Shah Rukh's amazing promotional skills the movie has reached new heights. Congrats Shah Rukh 🙂 Wonder how much Dhoom 3 is going to gross?

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