Google celebrates Antoni Gaudi's 161st Birthday with a DoodleTakes 1 mins to read

Google on Tuesday changed their logo from their original to a logo of Antoni Gaudi’s works because of Antoni Gaudi’s 161st birthday.Antoni Gaudi was a son of a  coppersmith, Antoni Gaudí loved architecture from a young age and attended school in Barcelona, the city in which he did most of his great works. Gaudí was part of the Catalan Modernista movement, eventually reflecting it with his nature-based organic style. Gaudí died on June 10, 1926.

Antoni Gaudi’s Google Doodle logo

Antoni gaudi is also famous as God’s Architect as he has build some of the most famous buildings including  two Barcelona apartment buildings: the Casa Batlló (1904–06) and the Casa Milà (1905–10), whose floors were structured like clusters of tile lily pads. Both projects are considered to be characteristic of Gaudí’s style.

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