"Ghanchakkar" Movie ReviewTakes 2 mins to read

Ghanchakkar Story

Ghanchakkar revolves around the master of crime Sanju (Emraan Hashmi) , who decides to leave his job. With his two friends,he plans to make a  steal last time.

Sanju gets the responsibility of handling money. This is determined after cooling Sanju case of robbing the rest of your money will divide between the two friends.

Sanju speaks the truth or lie, the story is similar around many interesting moves and comedy scenes are visible to you.


‘Kahaani’ and ‘The Dirty Picture’, Vidya Balan after winning several awards from acting debut in ‘catherine wheel’ roll came from the minds of fans. The film’s producer Siddharth Roy Kapur Vidya has seven rounds eight months ago. This way of providing domestic film hit is dependent largely on them.

Vidya in the film largely succeeds in fulfilling this responsibility in which she appears.
She is a Punjabi housewife (Neetu) in the role. She is fond of wearing funny clothes, introverted nature, but to placate husband Utptang not hesitate to act. Vidya in the role of a sick House Wife is perfect.

This was far less public eye. Lost memory of a young man playing Imran’s fans left no stone unturned in the catherine wheel.

Direction and Music

‘No One Killed Jessica’ serious films like Rajkumar Gupta, who has dabbled in comedy for the first time. This story sporadic flow seems lacking.

In addition, the film’s music equally special, as happens in movies nowadays. However, the good performance ahead of actors you will not want to miss.

The story sporadic seems to be cumbersome. The film appears to be too stretched and boring. Over the acting gazing somewhere to somewhere.

You can see the whole movie once and 2 stars from us.

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