QR Code – The Next Big Thing in MarketingTakes 3 mins to read

QR Code

Now a days, QR codes are use everywhere. It is used in newspapers and magazine to s
ave space and to give additional advertising information. You can share a video link using QR codes. You can also use this as a technique to drive traffic to your website. Other places where you can use this code are – back of your business card, on product tags and packages, in hotel menus, on conventional name tags, on signs providing directions, and in outdoor advertisements.

It is a special kind of barcode basically designed to serve the automotive industry. Now it has become popular with other industries too. The reason behind this popularity is its colossal storage capacity and very fast reading capacity. The basic purpose of a QR code is marketing, especially online marketing, using smart phones. If you want to display some product or service online using your smart phone, do it with the help of a QR code. It is fast and quick.

QR generator or Quick Response codes are two-dimensional bar codes. It can be interpreted by a mobile phone camera equipped with code reading application. Once you scan the QR code, the content, such as images, web address etc. embedded in the image becomes visible on the phone’s browser. You do not have to type these information.

If your phone has a code reader application, you need not have to put much effort to create a QR code. Just hold the phone on the code, and the required data will appear fast. Not only scanning the data, the application will also transform the data into your phone. QR code frees you from typing the URLs or other information on your phone’s browser. There are lots of free QR generator are available these days. You just browse any free site that offers QR code generation. Once you generate your own QR code, you can use it to drive more visitors to your website. You can also interact with your customers and increase interaction with them on your site. QR codes help you to become more visible online.

QR code works well for print medium as well. Using the generator, you can develop QR code business cards, letterheads, envelop etc. easily and quickly. To generate all these, you need not to have any advance technical knowledge or any programming skill. All you have to do is integrate your Web URL with your smart phone and fill in some basic information while generating the QR code. The generator will then form your code with all your desired data.

QR code generator is a proven tool to create new customer base. It is a very nice and profitable way to market your business both online and offline. It also helps to bridge the gap between these two fields. It is also a customer friendly technology. You can generate your business card for free online and share all your information, and your clients can save the information after scanning your QR code.

You should always print or download the QR code in vector format for its smooth and undisturbed functioning. As per the popular practise, it is suggested that you should develop printed QR code in large size to attract attention. It is a psychological factor. This way your viewers think that your business is in sync with the latest technology. Make sure you do not make it too large so that people cannot read them with their smart phones. And it would be difficult for the QR code reader as well to read a lengthy QR code.

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