World Environment Day-What have you done..??Takes 3 mins to read

This Environment Day Bless Mother Earth

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. Ever-since it is celebrated every year – to increase environmental awareness and taking corrective action.

As the evolution of Mother Earth is accelerating, so are the physical changes. There is hardly a week going by without the news of another natural disaster as well as acts of terrorism, crime, military conflicts, poverty etc. At this time Mother Earth needs tremendous amount of blessings, healing and protection. This Environment Day, join us in the rejuvenation and revitalization of Mother Earth through The Great Invocation Prayer!


The Great Invocation is a world prayer to bring Divine Love, Light and Power to our planet. It is a powerful instrument to aid the ‘Plan of God’ find full expression on Earth. To use it is an act of service to humanity and Mother Earth. The Great Invocation, recited with humility and reverence – releases and harmonizes the Light, Love and Will aspect of God manifested through Humanity. By means of Invocation, Prayer and Meditation – Divine Energies can be released and brought down to Planet Earth. Men and women of goodwill of many faiths and nations can join together in world service, bringing spiritual value and strength to a troubled world.

When the Great Invocation is sounded daily, with deep concentration and sincere intention, great blessings are presented to us all. Individually, our relationships improve, our efficiency increases, and our whole life prospers. Humanity is liberated from materialism and selfishness, from hypocrisy and hatred, and receives new understandings and an increased feeling of the unity of all people, thus transforming all mankind. The karmic encounters would move out faster through your life than normally. For example, something that has a karmic life of three years may be reduced to three weeks, three days or three hours. The Great Invocation is calling upon the Masters to release the karmic connotations of your life and your life’s encounters. By doing the invocation daily you will shorten the span of karmic entanglements and enhance the quality of your life with the help of transmission of energies coming from the Masters.

Some of the other benefits include:

1. Harmonization of physical and spiritual changes of Mother Earth

2. Global peace, harmony, healing and protection

3. Individual healing and protection

4. Cultivation of the powers of the Soul

5. Elimination of bad habits of feeling and negative thought

6. Adequate food, water, clothing and housing for all people

7. Blessings of the areas of the world affected by natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, landslides, fires, droughts, tsunamis, hurricanes

8. Blessings those suffering from man-made hardships – wars, crimes, terrorism

Do a Great Invocation Prayer everyday and become an instrument to bring the energies of Divine Light, Love & Power to Mother Earth to further maximize the opportunity for deeper peace, healing and purification.

Once you do a recital, press the “Bless” button below the Earth Image to register a prayer count.

Earth’s Future is in Our Hands – Bless Mother Earth !!!

At – every prayer counts.

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