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Gangs of Wasseypur to say in one line is different. It might appear as a revenge story in the beginning, but has the uniqueness to stand out as one of a kind. The plot is humongous and complicated and revolves around the rambling saga of the coal mining mafia in Wasseypur, near Dhanbad in Bihar. It is the feud that involves endless bloodshed and violence and is carried over three generations of Khans. The story does not end here and will be carried forward to another, the film’s sequel.

It is a land where the outward rules of law and order are hardly applicable. The people are set in their own world of gang war, flouting rules of a civilized society. Interestingly, the characters that are set in such a background are extraordinary not only in their zeal for bloodshed but their personal lives as well. The narrative does not unnecessarily try to put someone in a pedestal and all are layered characters with varied shades. And perhaps this is why the film appeals to us so much because it gives us a glimpse of reality where nobody is distinctly a hero or a villain. Manoj Bajpayee, who deserves accolades for shelling out such a performance of Sardar Khan, is the central character but then again he is a flawed man as well. He is far from being perfect in the utopian sense of the word as he murders as well as copulates with an equal zest. It seems no one but Bajpayee could have given out such a brilliant performance that has so much of drama to it. This performance can certainly be considered to be on a par with Bhiku Mhatre in Satya or even better.

But not only Bajpayee, each and every character in the film is brilliant. Jaideep Ahlawat playing Shahid Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, playing Bajpayee’s son Faizal are simply brilliant. Nawazuddin Siddiqui had impressed the audiences with his stellar performance in Kahaani and now in this movie also he stands out and holds out promise for the sequel. Bajpayee’s first wife in the movie Richa Chadda plays the role of a firebrand wife who grows to accept her husband’s straying ways and her performance has a significant impact as well. Reema Sen as Bajpayee’s second Bengali wife has played her part quite well and looks sensuous and appealing and in several scenes is shown to evoke Bajpayee’s lust.

Sneha Khanwalkar’s music is different and surprisingly interesting. The soundtrack blends so well with the film that together they give out a classic appeal. It is the kind of music that one does not usually hear but has a strange riveting appeal to it.

But the film belongs to its director Anurag Kashyap, who is the captain who steers the film amidst the tribulation and complicating journey. There is so much material and so much happening yet it is Kashyap’s distinctive style that has made all the difference to the film. It’s true at times the film appears to be a tad too long and there are moments you feel you could have done away with certain scenes but then again one must keep in mind that the film is Kashyap’s epic saga and not merely a personalised tale. The best part is that the film ends with a promise for another gripping and enticing tale for which the anticipation starts as soon as the film ends. Gangs of Wasseypur is a brilliant film that certainly cannot be missed.

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