Practical tips to reduce BSNL broadband usage for limited bandwidth plansTakes 5 mins to read

Most BSNL broadband plans are limited ones, which means that you’re provided limited bandwidth for use. Once your usage increases and goes past the free limit, additional amount is charged. So, a plan of Rs500 with 2Gb on offer can pluck over a thousand rupee from your pocket.
By properly using the given bandwidth, we can significantly reduce BSNL broadband usage.
Here are some detailed instructions and tweaks to achieve this,practically
1.)Select a good BSNL broadband plan: As famously said ‘Prevention is better than cure‘, so its better to go with an unlimited plan if you have to do bulk downloads. For simple browsing, the plan of Rs 700 is one you can opt for. It provides 4 Gb data transfer at a staggering speed of 2Mbps. Switching BNL broadband plans is not a headache, you just neeed to push an application and it would get changed instantly. New plan would come into affect from new month.
2.)USE OPERA BROWSER : if you have used opera on your mobile,u must have seen the data usage tab ant the savings applies on your computer too.Opera on computer provides a TURBO facility.Yes it might reduce your speed a bit ,but whoa it saves almost 60% of the Mbs. so practically you can use almost double every month.
3.)Switch off automatic updates: Updating windows and antivirus consumes a big share of your allotted free data transfer limit. A single update can churn up-to 50 Mbps which means that you’ll finish-off your 2Gb bandwidth within 20 days if automatic updates are ‘ON’.
Best practice to reduce BSNL broadband usage is to switch-off windows update forever and update antivirus at the end of the month when you have some bandwidth remaining.
4.)No/Limited Downloads: Downloading movies and softwares is great when you’re online, but this must be kept in check otherwise your usage would sneak past your nose. Watching online movies and videos must be avoided too. Video streaming of data eats big share of the allotted bandwidth for BSNL broadband. Movie and software downloads must be restricted, or only be done between 2am and 8pm when most limited plans are free to use. During night, internet speed is at its peak.And unlike other providers,BSNL does not reduce your speed in UNLIMITED USAGE time. Thumbs up.
5.) Use ADBlock Plus : It is an extension in chrome and firefox which cuts the ads on the website. toay almost all websites have heavy flash of image ads. which eat your bandwith(unlike this,its a clean one).This simply stops those irritating matrimonial or wallpaper ads which eat up your usage.
Other extensions are also available and they all are free.

a) FlashBlock Extension: It blocks the pop up ads which open up in sites like etc.

b) Imglikeopera Extension: It load the images from cache instead of downloading it everytime. It helps very much in sites like orkut, facebook etc.
6.) Use proxy tunneling software : I will not recommend this but if you want to surf internet totally free without spending a penny,you might like this option.But hey,then why don’t i like this.,well it reduces your speed from 2Mbps to 64 Kbps or even less.
there are many such software available like your freedom,etc but i personally don’t like them.
7.)Never leave laptop/cmputer with internet connectivity for long: Most of us don’t know but BSNL broadband usage includes all the data transferred to and fro between server and the computer, which means that all data sent and received by your computer counts in bandwidth used. So, if a computer is rendered for longer time then data transfer, though small, but would still continue.By switching off modem we can highly reduce BSNL broadband usage.
Other stuff to reduce BSNL broadband usage:
Certain misconception have also contributed in higher broadband usage for some users. Here are some things that must be clearly understood before getting-on with a BSNL broadband plan,
  1. A common perception of people while watch a YouTube video is that they haven’t downloaded anything, so their bandwidth isn’t consumed at all or just consumed a bit. This isn’t true. In fact, web-browser buffers/downloads the video before you watch it. So the video is actually downloading onto your computer but on temporary basis.
  2. The other misconception is that people think of BSNL broadband usage as what they download from server. But in reality, its the total amount of data transferred to and fro between your computer and the server. All data sent and received counts in the total BSNL broadband usage.
  3. A fine tweak to reduce BSNL broadband usage is by downloading the alternate zipped file instead of the bulky uncompressed one. A software/file of 100Mb can be downloaded in just 80-82 Mb, thus decreasing broadband usage.
Use these tips and reduce your usage by the day ,so that you don’t have remain awake till late night(2 AM) for free usage.

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